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The White Willow Orthopedic Memory Foam Ultra Soft Baby Round Bed Bolster Pillow For Back and Neck Support - 22"x 5"x 5", White

Baby Bolster

Baby Soft Memory Foam Head Shaping Pillow- Preventing Flat Head Syndrome

Baby Head Support

Contour Shaped Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Cervical Pillow - Neck Pain Relief & Support


Round Shaped Soft Memory Foam Bolster Pillow - Back & Neck Support



Crescent Shaped Car Headrest Memory Foam Travel Pillow - Driving & Neck Support

Car Neck Support

Contour Shaped Memory Foam Cervical Pillow - Neck Pain Relief & Support

Cervical Pillows

Dealing With A Myriad Range of Conditions

People often deal with various cervical-related conditions such as neck muscle and joint strains, tension headaches, whiplash injuries, arthritis, morning hand stiffness and swelling, snoring, etc. To deal with such conditions, such people are often advised to use cervical pillows. Also referred to as chiropractic pillows, cervical pillows are orthotic devices which help to align as well as support the neck properly such that when you rest your head on it, your spine maintains a natural neutral shape.

Providing Only The Maximum Level of Comfort

At The White Willow, we know how valuable a restful night of sleep is and the impact that it can have on the work that you do. Therefore, we design our products in a way that you get the maximum comfort from our orthotic cervical pillows. Taking care of your condition, our pillows are designed to provide you with a moderate amount of software for providing relief and comfort like none other. Our pillows ensure that you sleep comfortably in their back and side-sleeping positions to relieve all forms of intense pain.

The Myriad Range of Advantages

Apart from providing comfort to the neck and the head, various advantages come along our cervical pillows. These include:

  1. High-Quality Memory Foam – Owing to the exceptional quality of the memory foam, our pillows provide you with a moderate amount of hardness. This ensures that you are perfectly able to fit the pillow under your neck.
  2. Temperature Regulating Properties – The specifically designed contour shape ensures that ventilation routes are created within the pillow which regulates the temperature of the pillow and ensures that you can have a restful night of sleep without constantly tossing and turning.
  3. Elegant Coverings – The cervical pillows come with elegant outer covers which are designed with the highest quality of materials such that they do not hinder the utility provided by the pillow.
Coccyx Tailbone Medium Firm Large Size Medical Grade Foam Support Seat Cushion- Tailbone Pain Relief (Universal)

Coccyx Tailbone Cushions

The White Willow Cervical Memory Foam Contour Soft Fabric Pillow Cover with Zip Closure Case- Multi, Green (only Pillow Case)




Baby Soft Memory Foam Ultra Slim Bed Pillow- Neck Support

Kids Bed Pillows

Knee Support Memory Foam Leg Rest Pillow -  Sciatica, Knee & Leg Pain


Lumbar Full Back Support Memory Foam Backrest Cushion - Back Support & Pain Relief

Lumbar & Back

Maternity & Kids

Maternity & Kids



The White Willow Memory Foam Multipurpose Pregnancy Wedge Maternity Pillow For Body & Belly Support- 15"L x 13"W x 4.3"H Blue

Pregnancy Body

Rectangle Shaped Soft Memory Foam Bed & Sofa Cushion- Back Support


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