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Bumblebee - Memory Foam Set of 2 Baby Bolster & Head Support Pillow - Soft Combo The White Willow


Bolsty - Memory Foam Small Round Baby Bolster - Soft Maternity & Kids The White Willow Green 1

Baby Bolster

Dawn - Soft Foam - Baby Full Size Crib Wedge Pillow - Special Inclined - Medium Firm Maternity & Kids The White Willow

Baby Crib Wedge

Ariana - Cooling Gel Memory Foam Baby Head Shaping Pillow - Infant to 12 Months - Soft Maternity & Kids The White Willow

Baby Pillows

Presenting The White Willow's specially designed Baby Pillows!

Are you a first-time parent with a whole lot of answers you are seeking out? Let’s start addressing one of the most common ones of all.

Have you always imagined putting a newborn to sleep in a crib that’s free of pillows, blankets, and other bedding? But does a baby need it? Is there a right time to start introducing these items? Lying flat on a mattress for hours would certainly make your neck stiff and creaky in the morning and you can’t help but wonder how you could make your baby’s night more comfortable!

Do they need a plush, fluffy headrest or the scare of suffocation is more dominant? A lot of these questions have been hovering over your head for sure.

As your baby approaches the quarter-year mark, they gain enough strength to raise their head. Their spine starts bending forward to set a base for the sitting milestone and a baby pillow here aids psychological support to maintain that bend. It ensures your baby remains comfortable with no strain to sit up just as the body demands. So that’s the right age to introduce a baby pillow to your baby’s crib.

A baby pillow should have a height of about 3cm and should be adjusted gradually as the baby grows. The length of the baby’s pillow should be as broad as the baby’s shoulder. It’s all about getting the right support for your baby’s body and now if you still need some more convincing.

Why should you buy a baby pillow?

Fighting the flat head syndrome during the first few months is critical.

When your baby sleeps for long hours, then the protection of this delicate part is a usual worry for most parents. And while you worry about your newborn’s sleeping positions and the effect on their head, the flat head syndrome is a scary outcome of your baby lying flat on their back for too long. Carefully designed baby pillows by The White Willow fight back this worry. With the right shape and dimensions, we provide your newborn with pillows that fit their head comfortably.

Temperature control keeps the crying in control.

Newborns love napping for hours and suddenly they wake up for a feed! Terrible weather conditions make them uncomfortable just like us adults but no one likes a cranky baby! So, our baby pillows exclusively keep up consistent temperature and sweat resistance qualities to avoid discomfort. An evenly distributed temperature gives your baby a longer and deeper sleep. Sleep is crucial for a baby’s development and your smooth day.

Catch up to the right development phase in your child’s life.

A newborn’s brain development relies heavily on blood circulation. A baby pillow by The White Willow is designed to ensure just about adequate movement of blood to the brain and the other developing body organs. We help you make the right pick for this crucial period. The pillow should not alter the baby’s natural posture, when asleep or awake. It should only make your baby more comfortable, and that's what makes it the perfect one.

We are here to make your baby comfortable and content, are you ready to choose the right baby pillow? Explore our baby pillow collection now!

FAQS on baby pillows

What age is it safe for a baby to have a pillow?

Parents can safely start using pillows for children who are 1½ years old, about the same age at which parents can safely move children out of the crib and into a toddler bed.

What is the best sleeping position for babies?

It is recommended that healthy infants be placed on their backs for sleep, as this is the safest position for an infant to sleep.

Can my 6-month-old have a pillow?

Your baby can't sleep with a pillow until they become a toddler. Babies should sleep on a firm, flat surface free of pillow and blankets until at least age 1 and preferably age 18 months or later.

Back Support Pillows for Pain Relief | The White Willow

Back Support Pillows for Pain Relief | The White Willow

Do you ever feel that your back starts to ache partway through long drives? Do you take medicine before you get on a flight to head off the back pain you know will begin on your way? Do you find yourself rubbing your back and trying to stretch out at the end of a long workday? 

Most of us will suffer from some back pain at some point in our lives. But when back pain becomes chronic, it can really begin to have a huge impact on your life. When you feel your back hurting all the time, you see yourself withdrawing from your daily activities.

Doing household chores, spending time with your family, or even sitting down to work, it all feels hard. Though back pain can stem from numerous chronic ailments, one of the very common causes for it is poor posture.

If your spine is curved into a hunch all day, it puts a strain on your ligaments and spine itself. That's when your back begins to ache. That isn't it, poor posture can pull your spine out of alignment which further stresses out your hip and knees.

It can also impact the circulation of blood in your body while leaving your limbs numb. No doubt, you would feel more fatigued as your body is facing issues that it wasn't supposed to be. 

Behold - the back support pillows!

Backrest pillows are carefully designed to sit between your lower back and your seat. As the name suggests, they support your lower back region and the muscles there along with realigning the spine. They can be tucked under the knees or hips while you sleep to keep your spine in good alignment.

Wondering how that’s going to make a difference in your life? Read on some benefits: 

  1. Relaxed muscles: We carry a lot of tension daily. Not sure if that’s you? Why don’t you lie down on the floor on your back for a few minutes and see? A backrest pillow is a great solution to this! It takes off the strain on your muscles allowing them to relax. It can help release knots that build up over time and improves your posture. 
  2. Support your spine: It is essential to take care of your spine with customized support. With tremendous flexibility, a good back pillow provides adequate support to your spine without pushing it out of shape. Memory foam back pillows are even better for this as they warm with your body heat to mold into your shape.
  3. Relieve pain: All the back pain in the middle of the workday calls for some relief! Don’t reach out for another Aspirin, instead, give a good back pillow a try. They can provide instant relief from different types of back pain. Placing this pillow behind your back takes some load off the muscles that cause shooting pain due to overcompensation. 
  4. Keep your spine aligned: What does your spine do as you relax in bed? If you are a side sleeper and you notice it curving down the side, that’s a sign. If you are a back or stomach sleeper and you notice a more pronounced lower back curve, that’s a sign too. A sign that you need the support of a backrest pillow to keep your spine rightly aligned. 
  5. Improved posture: While we have established the instant benefits of a back support pillow, it also comes with long term benefits. It can help you improve your posture even when you aren’t sitting. 

Your lower back is one of the most neglected parts of your body. It carries a large portion of your body weight every day, and it deserves a little extra support to help it stay healthy and pain-free.

Discover one of the best tools to make it a little comfortable today!

FAQs: Back Support Pillows

Can a good pillow help back pain?

The right back pillow can help reduce pressure and tension in the neck and shoulders and keep the spine aligned. It can be used under the head to alleviate back pain symptoms, but it can also be placed underneath the legs or lower back region to relieve pressure and promote spinal alignment.

How should I sleep to avoid lower back pain?

Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees. For some people, sleeping on their back may be the best position to relieve back pain: Lay flat on your back. Place a pillow underneath your knees and keep your spine neutral. The right pillow is important — it works to keep that curve in your lower back.

Why is my lower back pain worse in the morning?

Back pain is common. It's often felt first thing in the morning, particularly upon moving from lying down to standing. This pain is usually the result of stiffness from long periods of rest or decreased blood flow from sleeping. 

Aloe - Cooling Gel Memory Foam Cervical Pillow - Contour - Medium Firm Pillows The White Willow X-Small White 1


Riana - Memory Foam Round Shaped Bolster Pillow - Medium Firm Cushion The White Willow X-Small 1


Camper - Memory Foam Travel - Camping Pillow - Medium Firm Travel Pillow The White Willow Blue


Tootle - Car Combo Pack With Cushions and Backrest - Black Cushion The White Willow Car Combo-1


Ambler - Memory Foam Crescent Shaped Car Headrest Travel Pillow - Medium Firm Travel Pillow The White Willow

Car Neck Support

Maple - Memory Foam Cervical Pillow - Contour - Medium Firm Pillows The White Willow

Cervical Pillows for Spondylitis

A Proven Solution for Cervical Spondylitis

Sleeping on poorly made pillows can result in terrible neck posture as well as lack of cervical support. It results in you waking up with neck pain. And, even muscular stiffness of the neck and shoulders, poor blood circulation resulting in arm or hand numbness and headaches.

Isn’t that a frustrating start to the day? These neck-related headaches sometimes result from pain referred from the upper cervical spine. Shoulder and arm pain come from pain referred from the lower cervical spine. So if you wake up with these symptoms and they were not there when you went to sleep at night, or if these symptoms are more painful in the morning, there are two things you are in great need of- our cervical pillow and a better posture during sleep.

Moreover, people often deal with various cervical-related problems such as neck muscle and joint strains, tension headaches, whiplash injuries, arthritis, morning hand stiffness and swelling, snoring, etc. To deal with such conditions, such people are often advised to use cervical pillows. Cervical pillows are orthotic devices which help to align as well as support the neck properly such that when you rest your head on it, your spine maintains a natural neutral shape.

When we look at how our bodies are made and how the spinal structure works, our bodies are nothing short of amazing. It's important to keep our spine healthy and maintain flexibility in our vertebrae and disks to prevent neck pain and back pain.
One way to keep your neck properly aligned is to sleep with a cervical pillow.

How does a cervical pillow help?

A proper fitting cervical pillow can help you maintain the normal cervical curve while sleeping on your back simultaneously allowing your muscles and ligaments to relax and regain their normal length. This specialized pillow by The White Willow can also aid side sleepers by preventing unnatural bending in the neck. It offers support where your regular pillow will not. As rightly said, your pillow should always support the back of your neck and the head.

A cervical pillow actually helps improve your posture while you sleep. It also improves your sleep by relieving and supporting tense muscles in your neck and shoulders due to increased blood flow to your head.

Cervical pillows for different sleepers

Many of us are side sleepers and essentially need pillows supporting the cervical spine to provide stabilization as both the pillow and mattress compress in response to body weight and spinal tissue settling takes place. Using a cervical pillow, along with a body pillow, in a side sleeping semi-fetal position can actively help keep the cervical and the rest of the spine from twisting or placing torque on the neck and back.

For those who prefer to sleep on the stomach, high pillows or more than one pillow places a great deal of torque on the cervical spine. Using a pillow with adequate and just the right support and a body pillow designed to help transition to side sleeping can provide a great solution.


Providing The Maximum Level of Comfort

At The White Willow, we know how valuable a restful night of sleep is and the impact that it can have on the work that you do. Therefore, we design our products in a way that you get the maximum comfort from our orthotic cervical pillows.

Our pillows offer great pliability. You will always find a pillow that suits your needs, making it easy to find one to satisfy your preferences.

Taking care of your condition, our pillows are designed to provide you with a moderate amount of comfort for providing relief like none other. Our cervical pillows ensure that you sleep comfortably in their back and side-sleeping positions to relieve all forms of intense pain.

Benefits of Cervical Pillows

Apart from providing comfort to the neck and the head, here are some more:

  1. High-Quality Memory Foam – Owing to the exceptional quality of the memory foam, our pillows provide you with a moderate amount of hardness. This ensures that you are perfectly able to fit the pillow under your neck.
  2. Temperature Regulating Properties – The specifically designed contour shape ensures that ventilation routes are created within the pillow which regulates the temperature of the pillow and ensures that you can have a restful night of sleep without constantly tossing and turning.
  3. Elegant Coverings – The cervical pillows come with elegant outer covers that are designed with the highest quality of materials such that they do not hinder the utility provided by the pillow.

FAQs on Cervical Pillows

How can I sleep with cervical spondylitis?

What you need to do is avoid using too high or stiff a pillow, which keeps the neck flexed overnight. This can result in morning pain and stiffness. If you sleep on your side, keep your spine straight by using a cervical pillow for spondylitis that is higher under your neck than your head.

What should be avoided in cervical spondylitis?

Lean the head back while you're working so it aligns with the rest of the cervical vertebra.

1. Don’t forget to move neck and shoulder muscles as far as possible.
2. Keep the neck and shoulder warm and avoid the head or neck loading heavy things.
3. Don't sleep with a high pillow and excessive fatigue at all.

Are cervical pillows effective in reducing neck pain?

A cervical pillow for spondylitis with firm support and low temperature is effective to reduce neck pain and improve sleep quality. Therefore, a cool and not too hard cervical pillow is considered optimal and is recommended for high-quality sleep and neck pain relief.

We believe that there is a direct correlation between pain due to bad sleeping positions and the wrong pillows. We are here to change the way you sleep.

So maintaining your body's natural alignment and positioning is key to staying neck and back pain-free. If you wake up with neck pain or soreness, you will definitely benefit from sleeping with a cervical pillow. If you try it and find a solution to ensure a pain-free, restful night!

Agilio - HR Foam Coccyx Tailbone Large Size Support Seat Cushion - Firm Support The White Willow Black

Coccyx Pillows & Cushions for Tailbone

Coccyx Pillows for the sitters

Most of us spend around 8-10 hours a day sitting down and it's so common to hear someone complain about bodily aches and pains. A typical example of this is experiencing prolonged dull or even sharp pain in the tailbone.

The bony structure at the end of our lower back called the coccyx can feel troubled due to long hours of sitting. So, what could we do to relieve the pain and prevent it from getting worse? Bring in a Coccyx Pillow for tailbone pain!

Being a unique cushion to relieve the tailbone pain, it does the trick without needing any treatment. It eliminates the discomfort and prevents the symptoms from getting worse reducing the lower back pain. The White Willow introduces a special cushion made with heavy-duty foam or gel, designed to relieve this pain. It's typically V or wedge-shaped for maximum orthopedic support, with a small cut out at the back for relieving pressure on the spine.

Why should you get a Coccyx Tailbone Cushion?

Seat yourselves comfortably

If your work involves sitting long hours in front of a computer or working on a desk, this is your pillow for tailbone pain and discomfort. Along with periodic stretching and standing up, you will not endure tailbone pain, because this cushion relieves pressure from the base of your spine.

Gentle support to lower back

A coccyx tailbone cushion is made with high-quality memory foam and provides gentle support to the sensitive lower back area. This slight elevation pushes your pelvis forward and puts the tailbone in a comfortable position.

Maintain your posture

If you are all about improving your posture due to prolonged hours of sitting, this ring pillow for tailbone pain will prevent you from slouching and will keep your posture in check.

Optimal comfort

The unique design of this pillow provides excellent comfort. Unlike any ordinary cushion, the cut-out design of this pillow is ideal to keep pressure off your tailbone.

Highly portable

This coccyx cushion can be used for home or office, and anywhere you need it. It's lightweight and portable. So take it along wherever you anticipate long hours of discomfort and sitting.

Coccyx pillows come in a number of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Don’t miss it if relief from tailbone pain is what you are looking for.

FAQs on Coccyx Pillows

Why is tailbone important?

Weight is distributed between the bottom portions of the two hip bones (or ischium) and the tailbone, providing balance and stability when a person is seated. The tailbone is the connecting point for many pelvic floor muscles.

How should I sit to relieve pain in my tailbone?

  1. Lean forward while sitting down.
  2. Sit with a pain relief coccyx tailbone cushion.
  3. Apply heat or ice to the affected area.

Do coccyx cushions work?

When the lower back is in pain, coccyx cushions work to alleviate the pressure and reduce the discomfort. That means a softer seat, holes, or gaps to reduce stress, and all while providing support to where it's needed most.




Cupid Couple Arm Hug Pillow Cover Only Pillow Cover The White Willow Multi


Zeus - Activated Charcoal Memory Foam & HR Foam Wedge Pillow - 3 Different Sizes - Medium Firm Wedges The White Willow 24 x 24 x 7 Black




Victor - Work From Combo - Medium Firm Combo The White Willow Office Combo-2

Floor Cushions | The White Willow

Sitting for long periods can often cause a lot of health issues. But most of us, spend hours and hours sitting- whether in the office or now, at home rather. So, one should protect their body at least.  An easy solution is investing in a good ergonomic seat cushion.

How we usually sit isn't very comfortable or well-designed to support a healthy posture. Most chairs tend to squeeze the hips, misalign the pelvis and spine, and often leads to you either lounging or slumping. These floor cushions are long-lasting, portable, and provide a significant boost in comfort and support to your body.

That’s not it.

What benefits, you ask? Read on.

Benefits of floor cushions

Floor cushions make it easier to sit with a good posture, which further helps you develop a better natural body posture. This makes you less prone to chronic pain and hikes up energy and focus.

Doesn’t that make you happier?

Most chairs put too much pressure on your hips and tailbone, which further cause pain and fatigue. It can impact your spine and joints. A good seat cushion redistributes that compressive force and protects your body from the usual tiredness. 

The usual seats we sit on restrict blood flow to our back and lower body. This means that our tissues and muscles don’t get enough oxygen and further have a hard time getting rid of metabolic wastes. As a result, you feel tired and your body hurts. 

If you are going to sit for a long time, you might as well be comfortable, right?

Quality memory foam feels great as it conforms to your body shape giving you proper support. So combining that luxurious squishy-but-firm quality with a scientifically designed ergonomic shape, you get the best cushions in town. 

Available in different sizes, these floor cushions are the epitome of quality that lasts a lifetime. Well, time to bid farewell to saggy cushions because floor cushions by The White Willow are just a small habit to a better lifestyle.

If you are all about better comfort and support during the day, explore our seat cushion collection now! 

FAQs: Floor Cushions

Should I get a floor cushion?

Poorly designed floor cushions put too much pressure on your hips and tailbone which further causes pain and fatigue. For most, this even leads to spine and joint issues that impact your quality of life. Our scientifically designed floor cushions redistribute that compressive force and protect your body from the usual wear and tear.

Is memory foam good for floor cushions?

With an ergonomic shape and smart design, a good memory foam seat cushion gives your back proper support with just the right firmness. It is highly advised to avoid cushions that put pressure on your tailbone, hips, and pelvic area. Hence investing in a good memory foam seat cushion takes comfort up a notch by reducing pressure points on your back. 

Do floor cushions help back pain?

Good floor cushions take the pressure off of your spine and help you maintain a healthy posture, but you might need a little something extra when your lower back is throbbing. Using memory foam floor cushions can provide the right support to your lower back. It reduces pressure points to help with the back pain.

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