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Your old pillow can cost you more than your sleep!

You must change your pillow if the answer to any of the following questions is, YES:

  • Is your bed pillow older than 18 months (three years in case of Memory Foam pillows)?
  • Is your pillow getting lumpy and saggy?
  • Does your pillow have sweat-stains, or a foul odour, or causes rashes, irritation or allergies?

Do you frequently wake up with neck and/or shoulder pain?

  • High Loft Pillows: If you are a tall, heavy-built person, and prefer to sleep either on your side or back, a high loft profile pillow like this would be perfect for you. The high loft Memory Foam pillow with a thick loft design gives resilient support and optimum height (approx. 5 inches) to sleepers. TWW pillows are made with responsibly-sourced, premium-quality raw material sourced from BASF CosyPUR®, ensuring that our pillows are temperature sensitive, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Explore High Loft Pillows.

  • Medium Loft Pillow: Medium loft pillows with a medium profile are best suited for individuals who are of average body weight and height. A regular TWW Memory Foam pillow with a medium loft (about 4 inches) looks like this. The high-grade Memory Foam used in our pillows is highly resilient and offers you firm support, which means that your head, neck and shoulders are naturally aligned, and you sleep in great comfort. Medium loft pillows are quite suited for back and side sleepers. Explore Medium Loft Pillows.

  • Low Loft Pillow: You’d choose a TWW low loft Memory Foam pillow like this for two primary reasons; one, you are of sleight build and like to sleep on your back or side, or simply prefer thin pillows for sleeping; and second, you are one of those people who like to carry their pillow wherever they go (yes, quite a number of people do that 😊) as you can easily fit one in your luggage. Like all our pillows, the low loft, low profile pillows are made with premier-quality raw material from CosyPUR® by BASF. Explore Low Loft Pillows.

We understand that the firmness (or softness) of a pillow is a matter of personal choice, and that’s why we craft our pillows in three levels of softness, i.e., firm, medium-soft and soft. Although all TWW Memory Foam pillows are resilient and comforting, we make them in varying degrees of tenderness to help you find the most comforting pillow.


  • Firm: Ideally suited for tall, strong-built people with broad shoulders, firm pillows provide firm support to the head and neck by allowing good spinal alignment. Particularly beneficial for side sleepers, our premium-quality pillows provide therapeutic comfort. Explore Firm Pillows.

  • Medium Firm: If you are looking for optimum softness and elevation, medium-soft Memory Foam pillows make a good choice. The premium-grade CosyPUR® Visco Memory Foam used in our medium-soft pillows offers resilient support by imprinting the shape of your head and neck, giving you the right sleep posture and releasing stress from pain points. Explore Medium Firm Pillows.

  • Soft: If you wish your pillow to be light and soft as clouds without courting neck or shoulder pain, a soft Memory Foam pillow is where your search ends. Made with a softer variant of world-class Memory Foam, a soft pillow like this also provides better spinal alignment and responsive support to your head. Explore Soft Pillows.

Before you begin your pillow selection, consider your sleeping style. At TWW, we pay a great deal of attention to crafting pillows that suit people with different sleeping styles.

Back Sleeper: If you sleep on your back without much turning or tossing about, you must sleep on a pillow that helps you retain a natural spinal alignment. A Memory Foam pillow with medium thickness and medium softness would help you maintain the right posture by giving cradling support to your head and neck. Check out some of our bestseller pillows that are well-suited for back sleepers. Explore.

Side Sleeper: Side sleepers suffer the most if they pick the wrong pillow. If the pillow is too thick or too soft, the upper spine (neck) loses its natural alignment, posing the danger of serious cervical issues over a long period of usage. A firm Memory Foam pillow with medium to high loft profile would be best suited for side sleepers. TWW pillows come with a hypoallergenic outer cover made with breathable fabric, keeping the pillow fresh and mite-free at all times. Explore.

Stomach Sleeper: Belly sleepers must choose a thin, flat pillow to maintain the right spinal posture. A thin, soft, low-profile Memory Foam pillow ensures that the cervical and spinal alignment is retained, and the head gets cradling support. Also, it is important for stomach sleepers to buy a pillow that allows easy breathing, maintains the right sleeping temperature and stops bugs and mites from building up on the pillow surface. TWW pillows like these are the best bet for stomach sleepers. Explore.

Rotational Sleeper: If you don’t conform to any of the above sleeping styles, and keep shifting your position throughout the night, then you qualify to be a rotational sleeper! A good grade Memory Foam pillow like this is best-suited for rotational sleepers as it evenly distributes weight and releases pressure from your neck and shoulders as you roll back and forth on the pillow. The resilient Memory Foam readily makes space for your head and neck, while the rest of the pillow springs up to its original shape, giving you a comfortable, cradling support, all night long. Explore.


Should you consider your BMI before buying a pillow? Yes! Your body frame has a lot of bearing on the pillow you choose to sleep.


Body Height: For tall individuals, medium to firm Memory Foam pillows with a medium to high loft profile is ideal. If you are tall and also strongly-built, then go for a firm, thick, high-profile Memory Foam pillow. For people with an average height, medium loft Memory Foam pillows with medium firmness would be ideal. For people with a short, light structure, it is recommended to use thin, low loft pillows that are made with soft, good-quality Memory Foam. Explore.

Body Weight: Choosing a pillow as per your body weight makes a lot of sense. If you are a heavy-set person, your head and neck will require greater, firmer support from your pillow; TWW suggests a Memory Foam pillow with medium to high loft profile. For people with average body weight, medium loft Memory Foam pillows offering medium to high firmness would be a better choice. Light-weight, petite people would find a low loft Memory Foam pillow with soft to medium firmness more comfortable.

One more set of filters for selecting the right pillow for you is the pillow fill. What goes inside your pillow directly impacts the quality of sleep you’d get. At TWW, we offer pillows with different fillings, helping you select a pillow that meets all your requirements.

Memory Foam: As the name suggests, pillows made with Memory Foam makes an imprint of your shape, giving comfortable support while you sleep. After use, Memory Foam pillows spring up to their original shape and size. Orthopaedics often recommends memory Foam pillows to patients suffering from spinal or cervical pain. Doctors trust Memory Foam pillows for its role in maintaining the spinal posture and releasing pain from stress areas, and recommend them for post-op patients and during pregnancy. TWW pillows are made with high-quality raw-material from CosyPUR® (BASF) to offer you the world’s best Memory Foam comfort.

Active Air: The Active Air Memory foam pillows are equipped with strategically punctured pin holes that release the built-up heat in the pillow, providing a fresh, breathable sleeping experience. People with respiratory problems and those living in hot climatic conditions would appreciate products that offer good ventilation and maintain a refreshing sleep environment.

Cooling Gel: If you wish to invest in a good Memory Foam pillow that offers more breathability while keeping you cool all through the night, this is the filling for you! Along with the pin hole technology, the Cooling Gel Memory Foam pillows come infused with nature-friendly cooling gel that help in maintaining a cool and comfortable sleeping environment. If you sweat while sleeping or live in a hot/humid climate, these pillows are just the right buy for you.

Hard Grade Foam: If you like to sleep on a firm pillow or your GP or orthopaedic advised you to sleep on a thick, hard pillow, go for the hard grade foam filling. Check out some of TWW’s most popular hard grade foam pillows.



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