Why we love The White Willow Contour Cervical Sleeping Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow

Posted on March 23, 2018 by THE WHITE WILLOW HOME

The White Willow has been constantly striving to provide a unique range of luxury home products which are developed in elegant hues of white, made with temperature sensitive Memory foam that brings comfort, support and also relief from aches, pains and other bodily discomfort.
The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow has topped the charts and with a remarkable response from its customers has helped many who have suffered from Cervical Spondylitis, Slip Disc, pinched nerves and other back or neck problems.

Why we love The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow- Best Seller of the Month.

Go for It ! Quality of pillow is very good. It is very soft and comfortable. I am writing the review of this pillow after 6 months of usage. Good product for neck discomfort problems. ---Shared by one of our customers

The sensitive muscles in our neck are overworked and stressed in today’s day and age, with-

  • Long hectic Travel Journeys
  • Stressful constant sitting on desk
  • Sleeping in wrong position

becomes a common cause for neck sprains, muscle pulls or even cervical issues beginning from younger age to adulthood.
Who doesn’t want to feel refreshed and rested after a goodnight sleep, but traditional polyfill pillows, fail to offer the comfort we seek.


The most comfortable pillow. My husband has a cervical issue...and..
The most comfortable pillow. My husband has a cervical issue and this made him feel so relieved. Highly recommend it. You feel like your floating! It's phenomenal!---Shared by one of our customers

The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow made with High Density resilient Memory foam moulds to the shape of the neck, and provide comfort like being in air. The neck feels rested, and relaxed as the position of the head is properly aligned. We can also use them for underneath the knees, as a support pillow for leg elevation.

Good Posture enables good health and our pillows helps in doing just that.

    Increased comfort during sleep:
    The White Willow Memory foam Contour Pillow helps us find a comfortable sleeping position, which can be challenge for many who suffer from Chronic Neck Pain. They help relive muscle tension and support the neck. Ideal for side sleepers, the memory foam in these pillows conform to the shape of the body thus giving everlasting comfort.

    Reduces pressure on Joints: If you experience chronic neck pain, especially after sleeping or traveling, a contour neck pillow provides a safe and affordable alternative to other treatments. The Pressure on the joints is one of the major causes of soreness and stiffness upon waking. The joints join the bones together, making it possible to move around. When they are stiff or sore, you may have a hard time getting out of bed or starting your day. Pressure on the joints is also an issue for people who have long commutes and those who spend a lot of time on airplanes. Contour pillows cushion the joints, reducing the likelihood of soreness and stiffness.


    Ensures Proper Spinal Alignment and works well with all sleeping positions:

        Proper body alignment is essential for warding off muscle pain and relieving muscle tension headaches. Without a contour pillow, you may sleep at an odd angle that creates pain or makes existing pain worse. Placing a contour pillow under the neck can help you maintain proper alignment while sleeping or while traveling. Moreover, with the Contour Pillow, you can now sleep peacefully in any position, as it helps in better comfort and support.

        Moulds easily to the shape of the body, neck, head , back and shoulders which brings maximum comfort and relaxation to its users.

        Good Product !!- Nice pillow, I underwent neck surgery recently and this pillow gives me the perfect height for my spine alignment, I am a side sleeper and 4 inch height of this pillow gives me the perfect sleep...

        ---Shared by one of our customers)

         Very soft and comfortable. But noticed little odour while in use. -- Shared by one of our customers.

         Some Things to Note:

        * The White Willow Contour Memory foam Pillow can take a little time to get adjusted with some users, especially those who are quite used to using traditional cotton based pillows.It takes atleast 7 days for the pillow to break in and get adjusted with.

        * Sometimes it can emit an strange odour like smell, which is caused due to off-gassing, common occurrence with Memory foam pillows, which can be easily removed by keeping outside or airing it out.

        * Rolling or compressing the pillows does not affect the quality of the foam or the pillow.

        I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my my neck when I purchased this. The pillow gives good support to the neck, although some people may find it slightly high. Sleeping with this pillow takes a little getting used to. You may find it a bit hard also initially. But after a week or so, it settles into your head/neck shape. Also, the pillow smells for the first few days. The chemical smell is quite noticeable. I aired the pillow for 2-3 days outside in the sun, before I could use it. It's perfectly fine now. No smell at all.

        All in all, I'm happy with this purchase.


        --- Shared by one of our customers..

          Bring Home luxury and indulge in comfort with The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Sleeping Memory foam Pillow. You can place an order on our website and learn more from our team about its amazing benefits.

              With The White Willow.... Step into the world of Contour Comfort....

              We wish you Happy Healthy living....


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              The White Willow Urban Voyager Small Contour Travel Neck Pillow- Tried and Tested

              Posted on July 29, 2016 by Meghna Agarwal

              Memory foam fascinates me in many ways, People ask me does it really help ? As I have begun to experience this amazing material, Yes, I can vouch for it - It does bring you a comfort and support which our traditional fill pillows wouldn't bring.


              I have been experiencing a muscular spasm since a day or so and my lower neck and upper back has been in discomfort. On a rainy Saturday morning, I tried the The White Willow Small Contour Travel Neck Pillow. When I saw it, I felt at first, the size might be small and wondered if this would really work for people. Initially, I had a little time understanding how would I place it on my bed which has a very low headrest. I placed my head and let it adjust. Once, the neck or head is pressed on the pillow, what memory foam does, is that it takes the exact shape, and moulds to the neck, shoulder and upper back.


              As my neck began to rest nicely on the pillow, I felt a heatwave, and the relief of my spasm started getting better. The special, circular knitted fabric in White and Blue, makes it extra soft and easy on the neck. Since this pillow is small, we cannot however use it for the entire back - only uptil the upper or the middle to an extent, but yes, it works pretty well for resting your neck, or head. Take the comfort of The White Willow Small Contour Travel Pillow and let it bring you happiness, relief from neck aches and pains as you discover of magic of our White Willow Memory foam. comfort.

              Special Features:

              • Easy to carry, portable with an adaptable design.
              • The responsive memory foam pillow offers a compact and portable way to get the comfort and support necessary for sound sleep during hectic travel.
              • The contour shape is designed to keep the head and neck in proper alignment, to reduce tossing and turning.
              • Made from 100% imported raw materials from BASF.
              • Outer Cover: Circular Knitted Viscose Polyester Fabric in Polka Dot Design in Blue or in White.


                With the White Willow, comfort is just one click away.

                Happy Healthy Living....



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                Memory foam Speciality Support Pillows- Some pillows are not just for sleeping !

                Posted on January 31, 2016 by Meghna Agarwal



                    Apart from the traditional and contour design, another category of Memory foam pillows, is becoming popular and widely used as an accessory- like Travel Neck Pillow, Car seat dog bone shaped pillows, Backrest Pillow, Half-moon/Multi-use pillow and more.

                            These pillows are made in Visco-elastic Memory foam which can be used for attaining maximum support and comfort as they take the shape of the user's body, neck, shoulders and  back. 

                    These pillows are made in various shapes, and their special adaptable designs promise optimum support and comfort to children, adults, women and all age groups.

                    The White Willow offers a wide range of unique Memory foam Speciality Support Pillows that will bring comfort and support to your family and loved ones when you are away from home, travelling in a car, train or a plane, or sitting on your favorite chair, or sofa or simply relaxing on bed.

                    Few of White Willow's special developments in speciality pillows are as follows:-

                    Memory foam Pregnancy Pillows:

                    For providing proper comfort and support, we have also now designed special pregnancy pillows or maternity pillows which help would-be mothers, to feel comfortable while resting or sleeping from their second trimester.



                    Our  White Willow J shaped special Pregnancy pillow conforms to the shape of the body and helps in achieving good sleep and rest. It will make mothers or would be mothers, comfortable and well rested.

                    Memory foam Wedge Pillows:

                    Unlike traditional pillows, Wedge pillows are often used for relaxing as opposed to sleeping. These pillows are designed to allow people sit up and read, work, or lounge in bed. Wedge pillows are firm memory foam pillows that can also be used for leg support. The Wedges Pillows are currently under development at The White Willow.

                    Enjoy the comfort of The White Willow Speciality Support Pillows and make your lives comfortable even when you are away from home. 


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                    Types of Memory foam Pillows- Contour Memory foam Pillows

                    Posted on January 31, 2016 by Meghna Agarwal

                    The Contour Memory foam special pillows are ergonomically designed to support and hold the neck in the correct position as we rest on them. The contour shape keeps them naturally aligned and allows the tired muscles torelax and rejuvenate.

                     These pillows can help in reducing neck pain, aches or any kind of bodily discomfort. Contour pillows provide maximum support for back and side sleepers.



                    The White Willow Memory Foam Cervical Sleeping Orthopedic Pillow is designed to be comfortable in any sleeping position as well as matches to the shape of the head and neck, which provides continuous support throughout, thus assuring a great night sleep.

                     Special Features:

                    • The Pillows provide support to correct sleeping posture, allowing the back and neck muscles to relax.
                    • Ergonomically designed to re-contour and adjust with your every move.
                    • Perfectly moulds to the shape of the body, back or neck, thus providing pain relief potential- relief from body aches, pains or sprains experienced by consumers.
                    • Ideal for side sleepers or people who prefer sleeping on the side.
                    • Superior quality, long lasting, as you can twist these pillows, roll them as much as you want, they simply return to their original shape as soon as the pressure is released.
                    • Long lasting, and of superior quality.
                    • Made from 100% imported raw materials from BASF & DOW.
                    • Hypoallergenic and their anti-microbial features provide resistance to dust mites, or other allergens.

                    Pamper yourself with our Special White Willow Memory foam Contour Pillows. Available in one single as well as pack of 2s or 4s, for your convenience.

                    Shop now for amazing deals and offers on our website. 

                    Bring home the magic of 'Comfort' with these Special Memory foam Contour Pillows, and sleep like a baby every night.





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                    Types of Memory foam Pillows- Traditional /Regular/Standard sized Bed Pillows

                    Posted on January 31, 2016 by Meghna Agarwal


                    From our exclusive range of The White Willow Decorative Memory foam Bed Pillows, traditional/Standard Pillows are somewhat rectangular shaped ones, commonly found and are suitable for people who prefer a regular feel pillow. Designed according to the Indian standard sizes, these pillows can easily fit in any of the standard pillowcases or covers and even provide the right comfort and support to our users.

                    These special Memory foam bed pillows can offer pain relief potential i.e. they help in reducing the neck pains, aches, or sprains which consumer may experience due to use of poor quality conventional pillows. Unlike Poly fill or traditional fill pillows, these pillows are long-lasting and do not sag or clump; You can roll or twist them as much, they simply return to their original shape, once the pressure is released.

                    Experience comfort and happiness from our amazing range of The White Willow Memory foam Decorative Bed Pillows –

                     For more details, click on the link - and order now from our unique range of traditional bed pillows, for achieving good sleep and rest.

                     Care must be taken while washing or handling these pillows, as Memory foam can become very stiff or hard if it is washed or wet. Only spot clean or use baking powder to clean and take care of these special pillows. We will cover in details about how to mange and clean our Memory foam pillows easily in our future blogs.










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                    Choosing the right pillow...

                    Posted on January 25, 2016 by Meghna Agarwal


                    Ever wondered, how many hours we use a single pillow in a year? Its 2500 hours a year, which is 100 days non-stop! Your pillow is definitely much more than something to put your head on at night. Infact, Pillows play an important role in getting a restful slumber. A wrong or an unsupportive pillow can lead to restless nights, give you back aches and worsen sleep at nights.

                    Experts speak,” A good Pillow should fill the gap between your head, neck and mattress and dynamically assume that shape during position changes as you sleep.”

                    Moreover, the position that you sleep in also determines the right level of support.

                     Choosing the right pillow is the first step. There’s no single pillow that’s great for everyone. We are all different shapes and sizes and have different sleeping styles and so need to choose a pillow, which is suited to each of us.

                     The right pillow will:

                    • Properly support your head, neck, back and shape of your shoulder.
                    • Provide the right level of elevation for your head based on the consumer’s needs.
                    • Fit well and match easily to your preferred sleeping position.
                    • Provide the right level of comfort, which will make it easier to use and comfortable to lie upon.
                    • Last longer and provide ample support for years to come.

                     However there are times, when we end up using an unsupportive pillow’ or a pillow which is not well-suited to our needs and preferences.

                    Here are some warning signs to find out whether the current pillow we are using is an unsupportive pillow: -

                     If, as a consumer you are constantly-

                    • Waking up in between your sleep.
                    • Waking up to neck pains, stiff headache and other body aches.
                    • Experience restless or difficult sleep.
                    • Having difficulty while going to sleep.

                     Then you are using a wrong pillow and its time to switch or change your existing pillow.

                     A memory foam pillow will be the perfect companion for sleep and relaxation, as this pillow conforms to your neck and back for proper orthopedic support based on your sleep needs.

                     The White Willow, offers a unique, one of a kind range of Decorative Bed Pillows, especially designed for our customers, to help them find the right pillow that will satisfy all their sleep needs and preferences. Shop now at our online store and enjoy comfort and satisfaction like never before.

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                    Finding the right pillow according to your sleeping position....

                    Posted on January 25, 2016 by Meghna Agarwal

                    Individuals have different preferences in sleep, sleeping positions, pillows and comfort levels. No two people sleep alike, and today care is taken by manufacturers and sellers to provide the best possible pillow or the right pillow, which will be the best match to a consumer’s sleeping position.
                    To know your sleep style, observe the position you sleep, in which you are most comfortable. Watch how fast one falls asleep and in which position are they mostly wake up to.

                    Here are a few tips, which can be useful in finding a suitable pillow that matches well with your sleeping position.

                     For Back Sleepers:

                        • People who sleep mostly on their backs, can try and use flatter or thin pillows to achieve maximum comfort, as fluffy and low- height pillow will provide more support to the head and neck and reduce sleep discomfort.
                          • Back sleepers have sensitive backs and are susceptible to back pain, as maximum pressure is placed on the back. Thus we need a pillow, which will support the natural curvature of our upper spine, and provide support under your head, neck and shoulders.
                          • Thin or medium height pillows are an ideal choice, as they provide – medium support to the sleepers.
                          • Sleep experts usually recommend adding an additional pillow underneath your knees when you sleep on your back to further help align your spine.
                            For Side Sleepers:
                            • The reason being, that since they sleep on a particular side, they require a good pillow which can fill the gaps between the head and bed so as to reduce the pressure and stress on the neck and shoulder.
                            • For side sleepers, a pillow with a medium density feel would help in keeping your spine maintain a straight and a horizontal line.
                            • The ideal pillow for side sleeper would be a medium to a high one and sleeping with a pillow between the knees would also help in keeping the spine in alignment.

                               For Stomach Sleepers:

                                • For stomach sleepers, we may not even require a pillow for the head, but tucking one under the stomach helps avoid lower back pain.
                                • A very thin, almost flat pillow, which is soft, will be an ideal choice.
                                • People who sleep on their stomach require ample support in a pillow- a soft, fluffy pillow that holds the head at a natural angle will help in ensuring a comfortable sleep.
                                Choose your 'perfect dream pillow', from our unique range of The White Willow Decorative Memory foam Bed Pillows which can be customized  according to your preferences, choice of size, shape and comfort level and sleep style.










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