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Superhero Sleepovers!

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Superhero Sleepovers!

We have seen our favourite Marvel Superheroes fight the biggest, baddest villains and save the world as we know it! 

Have you ever wondered what they would be like at a Sleepover? 

The White Willow decided to invite the Avengers over for a grand Pajama Party! Along with their powers each Avenger had to choose a Pillow for the night and their only battle will be a Pillow Fight to decide the Best Pillow there is!

Let's see what our Heroes bring to their Superhero Sleepover Splash!

Avengers! Assemble! 

  1. Captain America: The Super Soldier Steve Rogers has turned up brandishing his mighty Shield in one hand and proudly wearing his American Flag PJs. The Cap's style is classic and he proudly chose our Regular Memory Foam Pillow for the night. The optimum support to head & neck with the refreshing coolness of the Cooling Gel makes it Sleepy Steve's favourite and he can nap on these fluffy pillows all day !
  1. Iron Man: Genius, Billionaire & Philanthropist, Tony Stark arrives at the party in an ultra -modern night suit powered by his Arc Reactor. Ever the visionary, he chooses to sleep it out on our range of Cupid Pillows. Built to deliver optimal comfort, rest & flexibility these pillows make an ideal fit for the Innovative Iron Man!
  1. Thor: The God of Thunder & Lightning breaks the door with his Hammer and startssearching the room for his mischievous brother Loki and his antics! After confirming that Loki's occupied elsewhere he settles down with a beer and our Lumbar Backrest. Well, who wants to fight a God especially when he is comfortable with excellent back & lumbar support!
  1. The Incredible Hulk: Dr. Bruce Banner arrives fashionably late, complaining that the 'other guy' was being difficult, making Thor wince a little. Dr Banner sits down beside him on our stylish Seat Cushion and explains that The Hulk is in no mood to 'SMASH' a good party!  
  1. Spiderman: Teenage Boy Wonder Peter Parker enters the party shakily and plops down beside Iron Man telling him about the latest tweaks in his Suit! His spidey sense tingling, he decides to snuggle on our Wedge pillow and read more about Mr Stark's newest invention - with popcorn on the side!
  1. Nick Fury: No one likes their boss at a party but we needed a referee for the Pillow Fight ! Agent Fury turns up, probably furious at the gang for making battle plans without his sanction. He only smiles when he sits on our Coccyx cushion which supports his tailbone and back making his seat uber comfortable!

The scene is set! Our favourite superheroes in their Jammies, preparing themselves for a most Marvel-lous pillow fight! With a wide range of firm & supportive weapons, the fight promises to be an interesting bout of fluff!

We at The White Willow are on the edge of our seats, watching our heroes fight it out with superior quality memory foam fluffy pillows, waiting for them to declare which pillow is the Best Pillow tonight. 

Who do you think will have the most Pillow Power tonight ?!

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