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How to Shop for the Best Pillow for Sleeping?

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How to Shop for the Best Pillow for Sleeping?

We spend about one-third of our lives in bed – and picking the right pillow for sleeping certainly impacts the remaining two-thirds of our life, as poor quality of sleep can lead to several physical and mental issues, including lowered immunity, which is especially dangerous in the times of pandemics like COVID-19.

Your Quick and Handy Pillow Shopping Guide

Sleeping on the right pillow is a rewarding experience but nothing good in life comes easy, which is why selecting the right pillow for sleeping can be tricky unless you know what to look for.

But don’t worry; we got your back.

Here’s the quickest guide you need for a fruitful pillow-shopping experience. Follow all the points listed below and give yourself the perfect pillow for sleeping right at night.

1. Consider Your Sleeping Position

When shopping for pillows, just like your mattress, you must consider your sleeping style. The best pillow for sleeping will ensure a good night’s sleep and keep your neck and spine aligned to relieve the pressure from various points.

For example, side sleepers need a thick, firm pillow to keep their head in line with their shoulders, while stomach sleepers will fare better with a softer and thinner pillow. You can read this insightful article to pick the right shape of pillow for sleeping according to your resting style.

2. Pick Your Choice of Stuffing

What should your pillow be filled with?

Mostly people like down pillows, which are soft and machine washable. However, according to many sleep experts, memory foam pillows are the best for most types of sleepers as premium quality memory foam does not lose its shape, even after repeated use and is known to ease the pressure off the spine and improve posture, as well as air circulation while sleeping.

TWW memory foam pillows also come with a non-removable, hypo-allergenic inner cover and a machine-washable outer cover for maximum hygiene and utility.

3. Your Health Condition and Pillow for Sleeping

Today, you can find pillows specially tailored for various health conditions, like pregnancy wedges, pillows for spondylitis, special pillows for sleeping for children, hypoallergenic pillows made of special material, etc. You can also find highly breathable pillows, like those made from memory foam and covered with natural material, to promote air circulation and maintain the body temperature at night for better sleep.

Is It Time to Change Your Pillow?

Now that you know how to choose the right pillow, it is also essential to know the right time for replacing your old pillow. Usually, pillows must be replaced every few years or if you see clumps and bumps in your good old pillow. Also, pillows may develop mould or start emitting a foul odour if not cleaned regularly. However, if the odour does not go even after cleaning, it is a sign to replace your pillow.

Here’s a little checklist to decide whether you need a new pillow or not:

  • Is your pillow more than 3 years old?
  • Are there lumps in your pillow?
  • Is your pillow sagging?
  • Is your pillow smelling, torn, or has visible patches or mould?
  • Is your pillow for sleeping not holding its shape anymore? For example, does it spring to shape when you try to fold it?
  • Are you waking up with any aches or pains in your neck, back or shoulders?
  • Are you tossing and turning a lot at night?

If you answered yes to one or more than one of the questions listed above, it is time to choose a new pillow for sleeping for yourself. At TWW, we put your comfort first and that’s why we offer you a 101-night sleep trial guarantee.

Browse our catalogue to pick the best pillow for sleeping for yourself and your loved ones and return it to us within 101 days if you are not satisfied with the quality or comfort. No questions asked!

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