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Cervical Pillow Benefits: Are Cervical Pillows as Effective as They Claim

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Cervical Pillow Benefits: Are Cervical Pillows as Effective as They Claim

There’s nothing like laying your head on a comfy, fluffy pillow after long hours of work. But have you woken up with soaring neck pain and back pain in the morning? And no matter how well rested you are, does your neck feel stiff?

When we look at how our body functions, it’s nothing short of amazing! All you may need to feel better and sleep better is to invest in the right sleep gear. It's vitally essential to keep our spine healthy and maintain flexibility in our vertebrae to prevent this neck pain and back pain.

Behold! These cervical pillow benefits will make you want one

A cervical pillow supports the upper part of your backbone; it's easily the best pillow for neck pain. Neck pain forms as a result of incorrect sleeping positions, strain or medical conditions. The ideal cervical pillow comes in varieties of materials, including memory foam, cotton, down that cools with the neck down and brings in utmost support.

The pillow you sleep on matters, because comfort and a good night sleep trumps all, doesn’t it?

Are cervical pillows effective?

are cervical pillows effective

Research suggests that a pillow with good cervical support can help relieve neck pain and improve rest.

While the pillow you choose can improve your rest and comfort, your sleep position plays a role to complement it. Regardless of whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or sides, we’ve got something that you’ll love.

Whatever position you prefer, be sure to choose a pillow that supports the natural shape of your spine. Let me explain.

Back sleepers: You definitely want your neck to adequate support, but you don’t like it all propped up. You could use one that's roll-shaped under your neck. Imagine a good night’s sleep with a soft, flat pillow that supports your neck and a morning with no stiffness? You got that right!

Side sleepers: You’ve always been worried about your posture and at the back of your mind, you worry about keeping your spine straight. It’s only essential for you to invest in the right neck support- one that’s higher under your neck than under your head. Thick enough to hold your head up and also firm enough that your head doesn’t simply sink into it. Your bedtime companion is a cervical pillow that gives your support and at the same time, prevent unnatural bending in the neck.

Stomach sleepers: Let’s skip the talk about a cervical pillow for you but begin a conversation around your need to keep your spine as straight as possible. For you, we recommend a thin pillow. Alternatively, this places a great deal of torque on the cervical spine, especially with high pillows or using 2 pillows.

It could also help transition to side sleeping can provide a great solution. Remember - your pillow should always support the back of your neck and the head.

Sleeper on-the-go: If you are out and about all the time, you probably doze off on planes, during road trips, and also sometimes, on a recliner in the living room. Consider a horseshoe-shaped pillow to support your neck.

Do cervical pillows cure neck pain?

do cervical pillows cure neck pain

Yes, a cervical pillow is your best pick to eliminate neck pain. One way to keep your neck properly aligned is to sleep with a cervical pillow. A properly fitting cervical pillow can help you maintain the normal cervical curve while sleeping on your back simultaneously allowing your muscles and ligaments to relax and regain their normal length.

Moreover, our specialised cervical pillow helps improve your posture. It also improves your sleep by relieving and relaxing tense muscles in your neck and shoulders due to an increased blood flow to your head. Sleeping on the wrong pillows can result in poor neck posture.

A lack of cervical support causes one to wake with neck pain, and that usually signals a gloomy day ahead.

It’s not just muscular stiffness of the neck and shoulders - poor blood circulation can result in arm or hand numbness and headaches. Isn’t that just frustrating to begin with? Most neck-related headaches sometimes occur due to strain of the upper cervical spine. Shoulder and arm pain originate as a result of pain in the lower cervical spine.

So what you really need to battle these aches is a comfortable cervical pillow! That would greatly improve your posture while sleeping.

Now, what about your pillow? Hard or soft? Bouncy or firm? Does it make too much noise or make you sweat? Is the shape not right? Does it put too much stress on your neck? Is the height too low or too flat?

While there are many questions to be asked before choosing a pillow., ultimately, the maintenance of your body’s natural alignment and positioning is the key to a good night’s sleep. Investment in just the right cervical pillow is what you’ll need for a pain free and restful night.

Luckily, we've found each other! Reap all the benefits of cervical pillows and shop for pillows now!

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