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What does your sleep position say about your personality?

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What does your sleep position say about your personality?

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to your overall health. Not getting enough shut-eye for prolonged periods can lead to several health issues including depression, mood swings, low productivity, and even heart disease, obesity and some types of cancer.

As you can see, sleep is closely linked to your body’s overall functioning and sleep experts can derive a lot of information about you from your sleep patterns, including your favourite sleep position!

Sounds interesting?

Here’s a rundown of the most common sleep positions and what they say about your personality.

The Fetal Position

The fetal or the baby position refers to sleeping with your knees curled in towards your chest – as if you are curled into a little ball. Known as one of the most popular sleep positions, this position is often adopted by individuals who are tough on the outside with a soft, marshmallow heart on the inside.

In addition to being great company, those who sleep in the fetal position are said to experience the least amount of sleep interruptions at night. However, some sleepers may experience strain in their neck or back joints, due to the curvature, but it is nothing a good pillow cannot alleviate!

The Log Position

Many people find it comforting to pass out like a log – lying on their side with their legs stretched out and arms in place. Oddly enough, most individuals who enjoy sleeping in this stiff position happen to be cheerful and carefree, even gullible to an extent due to their extremely trusting nature.

A variation of this position - the log roller, when you are on your side with your arms at your sides as well, is said to be the best for back pain and neck pain. Adding a pillow between the knees can erase minor discomfort, if any.

The Yearner Position

Another offshoot of the log position – the yearner has her arms stretched out in front of her as if reaching out for something. Known to be dreamers, the yearners also tend to be suspicious and complicated but extremely steadfast once they make a decision. As a position, the yearner does good to support the back and neck and any pain or numbness in the shoulder or neck can be minimised by placing a pillow under the arms.

As you can see, the right pillow can make a world of difference to your sleep. The White Willow offers scientifically designed memory foam pillows that have been developed after years of research to elevate your sleep experience. You can browse through our website to learn more about our technology and choose a pillow based on your sleeping position or habits!

Sweet dreams!

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