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The White Willow Gift Guide - Pillows & More

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The White Willow Gift Guide - Pillows & More

As the old adage goes, you’re either in your bed or in your shoes, so we’d say it pays to invest in both. While we always think about good shoes, most of us don’t think of good pillows. When we think of a cozy, warm bed to come back to after a long tiring day, we never really think of our pillow needs. An imperfect pillow can haunt you in your dreams later down the line.

Even though finding the right pillow can be confusing at first, we say this season is the best time to give yourself some much needed goodnight’s sleep. From seasonal sales to holidays, along with other helpful information that can prove useful during your pillow-buying experience.

Unlike most essentials, we never really give importance to our pillow choices- the most we think of is fluffy or firm, right? While there isn’t a specific date on the calendar where pillows are at their lowest price, our festival sale is one moment where you can save big. Oh yes, not only in terms of money, but also, saving yourself from discomfort, and aches.

Additionally, holidays are the best time to treat yourselves and shower your loved ones with some presents. Whether it's at home, sharing sweets, homemade snacks and dry fruit dabbas with neighbours or going to local gift shops to pick out some.

The gift ideas have no boundaries as such. It can be anything and everything, but we really want it to be thoughtful. Gone are the days when we stuck to traditional gifting. With the new generation influencing trends, the gifting styles have changed drastically. Now, we want to be innovative and impressive always. Don’t fret, we have got a gift for everyone. One that’ll score all their love and happiness.

TWW's got a gift for everyone!

Here’s what spells love and happiness for every loved one:


Dads are notoriously hard to buy for. Usually you’re faced with a choice between getting them something practical they probably already have, or something crazy and interesting they’ll never use. It’s a nightmare. But we’ve got an idea! Superior grade memory foam pillow provides resilient support to release pressure from your head, shoulder and neck muscles. That’s our extraordinary Memory Foam Pillow. Catching up on a goodnight’s sleep for all the nights he stayed up fulfilling our dreams and wishes.


Your mom has been there for you since day one — literally. After everything you've put her through, it's a no-brainer that the most important woman in your life deserves to be spoiled with something super meaningful. Before settling on a classic gift, dig a little deeper with us. Since no one appreciates sentiment quite like your mom, we’ve got a gift idea packed with heart. Three levels of comfort, optimum bedtime support and relief from pains, that’s what you get with our Cooling Gel Memory Foam Cervical Pillow. The premium grade cooling gel-infused memory foam pillow that provides her a refreshing and comfortable sleep. Such a change after all those sleepless nights raising you.


Let’s face it: You see her stress rising off the charts. She’s likely uncomfortable and anxious and hungry and sore. So, that means it’s a good time to offer something extra, something above and beyond, in the form of a resonant pregnancy gift. Our Memory Foam Pregnancy Pillow tells her you took that extra moment to really think about what matters to her. It’s all about the loving support she needs with our scientifically-designed pregnancy pillow made to provide deep sleep and complete relaxation. It extracts pain and stress from her aching muscles and joints.


They see the best and worst of you and you have a bond that's unbreakable. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time sharing a bedroom, fighting over the remote, or being mom’s favourite. They have played such an important role in your life and vice versa. In other words, they're important in your life. For those who want to buy gifts for siblings, we're here to help. Something fun, useful and something that fits their passion, we’ve got the Travel Neck Support Pillow for your pick. Easy to carry anywhere they go: a perfect multipurpose travel companion, which can be taken anywhere-, on trains, car, flights or even for camping, or for leisure time at home.


You know it’s smart to budget, save up, and spend wisely; you spend money on your rent, groceries, your investments, your gifts for family and friends — we mean, you should treat yourself too. It’s good to make yourself feel good. Even though they’re clichés, “life is short” and you must invest in a TWW Work From Home Combo.

Despite spending long hours on zoom calls or binging your favourite shows, you should be living your best life now. This cushion combo provides you with the support and relief for your pains. You deserve a gift, so we’ve rounded up the very best for you. Alternatively, take this quiz to find your perfect pillow

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What are you waiting for? Share some love and joy this Diwali :)

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