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Superbeings & their Sleep Styles!

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Superbeings & their Sleep Styles!

Our Superhero Sleepover Splash was a big hit! Tales of the epic Pillow Fight traveled far to multiverses and the very next day, we had some more Marvel-lous beings turn up at The White Willow to learn more about our Pillow Powers!

We decided to match these superbeings’ sleeping styles with our futuristic, creatively designed range of Specialty Pillows. These dynamically designed supportive pillows are the bright future of sleep and comfort. 

This is how the ordeal of hand-picking pillows for superbeings went about.

  1. Loki: In the morning after the Superhero Sleepover, there was a sudden rustle at our warehouse. We entered cautiously only to discover the God of Mischief eyeing all our products with a keen interest! Loki demanded we give him the most Powerful Pillow and threatened to magically alter our memories if his pillow wasn’t better than Thor’s and all others. With awe and fear in equal portions, we set out to match his sleeping preferences to a suitable pillow. 

Loki’s lean body full of magical powers, tends to put some pressure on his shoulders, neck & back. He prefers sleeping on his back and hence, a suitable pillow would be one which provides optimal support to his head, neck, shoulders & back while keeping his spine straight-like our Special Contour, memory foam neck pillow.

  1. Wanda & Vision: Once Loki was satisfied with his custom-made pillow, we found ourselves facing quizzical red eyes. The Scarlet Witch read our minds and made us find the best pillow. However, at The White Willow, our superpowers are reading into the minds of our customers and thus, we managed to not only fix one but two superbeings powered by the Mind Stone! 

Side sleepers and cuddle enthusiasts Wanda & Vision went home with our Cupid Memory Pillow for pain-free snuggle nights! The pillow also helps maintain optimal spine position while ensuring cozy cuddles for life!

  1. Black Widow & Hawkeye: Once we got back to the office, in a matter of seconds we found ourselves tied up and facing the deadliest Assassin out there! In her super quiet voice, Agent Romanoff aka Black Widow told us clearly that she was upset for not being invited for the Superhero Sleepover and demanded reparations.

Under the watchful eye of Barton who was ready with an arched bow, our team sat down to create a pillow for the petite, agile assassin. We created the Dreamcatcher Small Memory Foam pillow to support her head and neck at rest while balancing her posture at night. 

The White Willow also fixed up Hawkeye with a couple of optimally supportive and extremely huggable Grey Aster memory foam neck pillow so that family time is still a comfy, cozy affair!

  1. Doctor Strange: We received a gentle tap on our shoulder and discovered the Cloak of Levitation leading us to meet Dr Strange. He explained to us all about the mystical realms in his mellifluous baritone and asked us to make for him a pillow which lets him rest peacefully so that he can protect the earth against the darkness.

A sound sleeper who can even read into his own dreams, the Doctor required a pillow to complement all his sensory powers. We all agreed that the
Grey Oak memory foam neck pillow with a temperature sensitive memory foam for perfect sleeping climate is the best fit for The Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Rocket & Groot: The best of alien friends, Rocket & Groot first tried to sneak out with a couple of our pillow samples till they were rounded up by the Black Widow and brought before us. Always hot headed and snarky Rocket tried to smart talk his way into a deal for himself and Groot. 

  • Convinced that Rocket & Groot could use our services, we racked our brains to customize pillows for these two Guardians of our Galaxy.

    The hot-headed Rocket could use our Lilac 2-in-1 cooling gel memory foam pillow to support his head and neck and keep him cool at rest. For our dear Guardian Groot, we made the Zinnia 3-layer memory foam pillow for soft & supple support for his wooden head. 

    Phew! That was a mighty load of work for the Marvel-lous lot! Rest & Sleep is as important for the Superheroes as it is for us mere mortals and at The White Willow, we use our powers to match every person (superheroes included!) with their Companion pillow. Check out our range of Specialty pillows and shop according to your specific concerns to discover the multiverse of a restful sleep!

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