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Pregnancy Pillow Uses: Do Pregnancy Pillows Really Help?

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Pregnancy Pillow Uses: Do Pregnancy Pillows Really Help?

When it comes to pregnant moms, sleep is essential and elusive. There's a little one growing and pretty much constantly kicking inside the body. Sleep disruptions, extra trips to the bathroom, pain, and discomfort at night hinder their ability to get adequate rest.

Pregnancy Pillows - super useful for future moms

These pillows support pregnant women and their growing baby bump by providing excellent comfort and rest every night. A regular pillow could help out one but a pregnancy pillow is for both the mother and baby.

And, the good news is that there are plenty of them to pick from and many factors to consider in the process.

Sweet, un-interrupted sleep is what every pregnant woman dreams of!

A pregnancy pillow is created to accommodate a woman's body as it transforms during pregnancy. They come in all shapes, sizes, and fillings. Some support the entire length of the body while others fit under the baby bump or even between the knees for extra support.

While most women keep craving for that one comfortable pillow, it's not easy setting your mind on one. All they want is to be as comfortable as possible, right?

What are the uses of a pregnancy pillow?

What are the uses of a pregnancy pillow?

Let’s begin by saying that women obviously need all the sleep they can get before giving birth. If they begin parenthood with a sleep deficit from labouring and delivering their child, it’s never going to even be close to eight hours of sleep any time in the first few months.

That’s where a specialized pregnancy pillow swoops in to save the night. Let's do a quick countdown of the benefits:

    1. A good pregnancy pillow relieves the pressure on the back, spine and even hips while aligning the body parts at the same time.
    2. It prevents an expecting mother from sleeping on her stomach which indeed is an uncomfortable and dangerous position for her.
    3. Here's another one: they end up being comfortable even post-pregnancy. They support during post-delivery recovery and aid to help with breastfeeding and other postpartum activities.


Healthcare professionals recommend that pregnant women should sleep on their left side as the baby develops. This position encourages the baby to get in the optimal position for birth, and is important for good blood circulation.

    1. Of course, exercise can help increase circulation and reduce the chances of leg cramps that can otherwise wake you up at night. The right pregnancy pillow aids blood circulation by providing appropriate support and relieving pressure off a woman’s body
    2. If a woman is experiencing allergies that she never has before, many of us would think that it’s the pregnancy hormones that often cause developed allergies, respiratory troubles and even skin rashes. Luckily, there are hypoallergenic pregnancy pillows that avoid unpleasant reactions providing you all the back support you need.

As the baby grows in a woman’s womb, there is less space for her internal organs and hence, many pregnant women suffer from heartburn as a consequence. This can feel pretty bad when one lies down to sleep in a horizontal position.

  1. What a pregnancy pillow does is elevate your upper body while you sleep to reduce the effects.
  2. Simultaneously, it's also beneficial to be used to cradle the mom’s belly.
  3. A pregnancy pillow helps avoid the excessive tossing and turning during pregnancy and is just the support she needs to sleep on her side.
  4. It’s definitely hard for those who prefer sleeping on the back or on the stomach. However, the pregnancy pillow is sure to maintain a good sleep position for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Discover a better quality of sleep 

A pregnancy pillow is really useful for pregnant women. So why not treat every mommy-to-be to one and let them discover the huge difference it makes in their sleep. Shop for the best pregnancy pillows right here.

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