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How to make your bed perfectly?

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How to make your bed perfectly?

One of the best parts of coming back home is diving into a perfectly made bed that’s inviting, clean, and beautifully dressed. Many of us boast flawlessly tucked sheets, thoughtful blanket layers, and cosy cloud-like pillows.

Isn’t it a kind of dream you keep wanting to revisit? Messy sheets, sad pillows, a sagging mattress & waking up with a stiff body, it’s all the disappointment we don’t hope for. So, let’s find out what's been detracting you from a cosy and comfortable sleep experience.

A good night’s sleep begins with making your bed

Yes, your mom was right all along.

When you wake up in the morning, there is so much hassle to get the daily hustle going. However, sparing just about three minutes to make your bed can actually significantly change your overall happiness.

It’s a small task that kicks off your day with a little accomplishment. And, that feeling of coming back to this beautiful bed in the evening is even more rewarding. Being able to find a pillow that suits your needs is a very essential component of your well-dressed bed. Fear not, we’ve got your back!

But first, want to learn how to make your bed like a pro?

We’ve laid out a step-by-step guide to making your bed perfectly, every single time. Before laying down the foundation, evaluate your current setup.

Here are a few of the essentials that can make or break your good night’s sleep:

  • A good mattress that’s as supportive as it is comfortable. A memory foam mattress is ideal for all sorts of sleepers: side, stomach, back, and tosser/turner types. Not only does it relieve surface pressure from your knees and hips, but it also evenly distributes your weight, so there’s no sinking and sagging leading to back pain and stiffness. On the contrary, innerspring mattresses tend to bow over time. Memory foam retains its bounce and comfort over a longer period.
  • Most of us don’t really realize the importance of a good pillow when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Their lifespan depends on their material, but we’ve got a collection that guarantees good sleep for a long span. The White Willow Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed Pillows are an ideal choice because they form a unique neck and head shape, so you get the perfect loft or firmness every time you lie down.
  • A mattress protector increases the lifespan of your comforter and keeps out allergens. It also keeps out spills from those days you spend eating breakfast in bed and any other accidents. 
  • It’s incredibly easy and comforting to get a pair of colourful, soft sheets and call it a day. Cheap sheets can quickly fall apart in the wash, feel scratchy, and age poorly. It’s best to invest in high-quality sheets which provide you with a significant difference in comfort and lifespan.


Now that you know what you need, let’s dive into that feeling of making your perfect bed perfectly. Many of you might have even wondered why you should even bother making your bed when you will muss it up every night anyway.

What’s the point, really? What you don’t realize is that these extra factors have a huge impact on our emotional health,  

A research study shows that 71% of bed-makers reported they were happy while 62% of respondents who didn’t make their bed reported being unhappy. While this is merely a correlation rather than direct causation, there are many more studies that show that the physical environment directly affects our mood and state of mind.

So you’ve got something to look forward to every day, right? Your bedroom. Take the time to make your bed how you want it and look forward to bedtime every night.

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