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Our Advice on How to Choose the Right Pillow

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Our Advice on How to Choose the Right Pillow

Ouch – did you wake up with a stiff neck this morning?

You are not alone! A large population suffers from recurring pain in the neck and shoulders due to bad posture or improper bedding. And while you must have often heard about the importance of choosing the right mattress – if your pillow isn’t perfect – you can forget about sweet dreams despite having the best mattress in the world.

Not sure about which pillow to choose?

Well, when it comes to pillows, there are three main types available – feather and down, microfibre and memory foam. Prices vary according to the filling as does the comfort from person to person. Yes, when it comes to a pillow – comfort is subjective. While you may prefer a microfibre pillow your partner may feel more comfortable on a memory foam pillow. In general, the maximum number of people find a medium-firm memory foam pillow to be the best for their sleep. However, just like a mattress, it is best to try out a pillow before buying them if possible.

Besides the filling, the design of the pillow also impacts your sleep and comfort. Depending upon your sleeping style, you can choose one of the following models to keep your neck well-supported while you score some quality ZZZZZs.

Back Sleeper (The log) - If You're a Back Sleeper, a thin pillow is ideal for you. However, extra loft or thickness at the bottom will cradle your neck better. A memory foam pillow is suitable for you as it moulds to the shape of your head and neck, offering consistent support. You may also add a second pillow under your knees for removing any pressure on your lower back.

Side Sleeper – Side sleepers need a firm pillow with an extra-wide gusset so that they receive full support for their head – from the ears to their shoulders. A second pillow placed between the knees could help you sleep better by aligning the spine properly.

Stomach Sleeper – Well, those of you who prefer to sleep on your stomach, you can do without a pillow under your neck or choose a very thin pillow. However, sleeping on the stomach puts a lot of pressure on your lower back, and it may help if you could toss yourself a little and sleep on the side instead.

In addition to your sleeping posture, you can also find pillows designed for specific conditions such as the cervical pillow on The White Willow website featuring a scientific design to alleviate the pain in your neck and offer optimal support to the neck and spine as you snooze. You can visit our website to learn more about our technology and browse the various pillows to choose one that is best for you.

Are you worried about online shopping? Don’t be! We let you try your pillow for 101 days for free. Don’t like it – send it back. We won’t charge you a penny - because your comfort is our utmost priority.

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