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6 myths busted about correcting flat head syndrome in babies

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6 myths busted about correcting flat head syndrome in babies

More and more parents are noticing that their baby has a flat spot forming on the back of their heads. In fact, some research suggests that close to 50% of babies have head flattening - which means if you spot some irregularity in your baby’s head shape, you’re not alone! 

While more and more physicians are referring to helmet treatment for Flat Head Syndrome, most parents can’t help but delve into a pool of questions. But are helmets the only answer? Is a flat head really a big deal? Will your baby’s head round out on its own? Is this a sign of some grievous failing as a parent?

Don’t let these thoughts become the sole cause of your panic and anxiety.

Learning that your baby has flat head syndrome can be daunting – especially with the sea of misinformation available on the internet. So, we thought we'd make it easier by debunking 6 common myths about the condition, hoping to put your worries to rest (just like this baby on our pillow, more on that later).

Let's set the record straight, shall we?

Myth #1: Rush to the Doctor immediately

Having a baby makes you go over the moon. While you admire their little toes and fingers, their flat-shaped head might give you the jitters. Worry not! It’s not the time to lose sleep over this and refrain from rushing to the doctor at the first given opportunity. It is a very common deformity that needs concentrated efforts to diagnose and correct at an early age whilst the baby is able to respond to the treatment. 

Myth #2: Using a Horse-shaped Pillow will make the head round

Many believe that using horseshoe-shaped baby pillows will help give your baby's head a round shape. However, there is no evidence to support this. Be aware that these pillows may cause a baby's head to get locked in the same position for a longer period. This, in turn, may cause a flat spot at the back of your baby’s head. Also, if your baby's head is firmly placed in the middle of a horseshoe-shaped pillow, it will be difficult for him to turn his head to the side in case he spits up milk or vomits. This could make your baby choke on his own vomits.

Myth #3: Using a Rai Pillow is the solution

So now that we know that newborn babies have delicate, soft heads, we also need to know that their skull bones do not always stay the same. The skull can take 3-4 weeks to come back together and fuse into one. The mustard pillow or more commonly called ‘Rai ka takiya’ was one of the most popular and conventional methods for correcting head shape. It is believed to provide proper support and cushioning to the baby’s head while it feels tender and relaxing.

However, research says that the not-so-quintessential mustard pillow is actually dangerous for the kids due to its sheer weight making it not only dangerous for the infant but also inconvenient to carry around in the baby diaper bag too. Besides, the smallest tear or hole can cause the mustard seeds to spill and result in a fatal accident.  

Myth #4: Wait & See Approach

So you found out that your baby has the flat head syndrome. Of course, your friends and family will recommend the most common repositioning techniques to you to facilitate a natural correction. It is natural to feel confused and overwhelmed. However, the wait and watch approach works best with mild cases of the flat head syndrome. As responsible parents, you need to make concrete and concentrated efforts of using good quality baby head shaping pillows.

Myth #5: A head shaping pillow is a mere marketing gimmick

You’ll be surprised that a good quality head shaping pillow is magical when it comes to correction of the flat head syndrome. The baby’s head transforms from being flat to the ideal round shape that you’ve been worried about attaining. The Baby Pillows by  The White Willow is designed to exert adequate pressure on the baby's skull while the baby is sleeping and slowly bring the right shift.

baby head shaping pillow

It is most ideal when used up to 3 months post which it continues to offer great comfort to the baby when he sleeps. Are you ready to shop for yours? Check it out!

Myth #6: Tummy time is enough

While tummy time is highly recommended for the development of a round-shaped head in babies, it is not exhaustive. Variety is the spice of life and it's also the key to preventing flat spots. The parents have to supplement this form of exercise by investing in the right products that can do the job perfectly.

Embrace the journey of parenthood. With each passing day, you’ll learn more and more about raising your child effectively.

Stop worrying and be responsible. NOW is the time to learn simple changes you can make to your daily routine that can prevent and correct Flat Head Syndrome of your little one.

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