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A Short But Essential Camping Guide

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A Short But Essential Camping Guide

Love the great outdoors but virgin to the camping scene? Well, there’s always a first time and you can always turn to the internet to get an exhaustive list of the items you need, like this one, to ensure your maiden camping trip is a smashing success – full of lifetime memories and ‘gramworthy shots!

Let’s start with what you need to get packing:

A Tent

Well, first things first – if bad weather hits, you definitely need something to crawl into, besides a cosy and relatively safe place to sleep.

So pick up a tent that’s spacious enough for you (and your partner and/or pooch, if you have company) to sit up straight and stretch comfortably. You can always crawl inside the tent to check its dimensions before purchasing. We particularly like these foldable camping tents by Decathlon available in multiple styles.

Sleeping Bag

You can’t enjoy a hike without a good night’s sleep. That’s why it is vital to invest in a proper sleeping bag that is comfy to carry as well as cuddle-up in. A rectangular sleeping bag is fit for regular hikes but if you are visiting an especially cold region, choose these mummy-shaped bags that will keep you comfortably snug. In case you don’t mind shelling a little extra, we recommend down instead of synthetic stuffing, as it is lighter and much warmer.

A Sleeping Pad

Add a layer of comfort between you and the cold ground, and additional warmth if you opt for an insulated sleeping pad. An inflatable camping mattress or pad is ideal to save space and experience extra comfort on your trek. It also makes sense to carry [an inflatable pillow/a hiking pillow/an ear pillow for high altitudes] to ensure restful sleep.

Cooking Supplies

As you’d be out in the wilderness, there’s bleak chance you can ‘Swiggy’ your meals, which makes it necessary to carry a suitable stove, liquid fuel, multipurpose utensils and easy-to-prepare packed but nutritious food. Also, don’t forget to pack a multi-purpose knife or a Swiss Knife to cut all obstacles (and food packets!) from your way.

Lamp and Torches

A headlight, torch and batteries (unless you are using a solar-powered lantern) are a must for any camping trip. You can always opt for a lightweight, rechargeable lamp to keep things light, bright and safe at all times.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important – but how do you ensure a steady supply of safe drinking water? We suggest a minimum 2 to 3-litre water reservoir if you are walking or hiking, so that you don’t have to open your bag each time you need to take a sip. Also carry a water bottle fitted with automatic filtration system to ensure the hygiene level of your favourite elixir.

Medical Supplies

Now that we have covered eat, drink and sleep, it is time to cater for any unwelcome emergencies, such as cuts, bruises, an upset stomach, etc.

Prepare a first aid box with all your regular medicines, tablets (As prescribed by your doctor) for common cold, cough, fever, stomach upset, etc., some band aid, hygiene products, antiseptic liquid and ointment, and a bug-repelling spray.

The above list covers some of the essential items that you must pack in your luggage for camping. In case you have a pet travelling with you, don’t forget to consult the vet to prepare a first-aid box for your pooch as well, and do pack up some of its favourite toys to keep it engaged at all times.

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