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7 Best Books to Help You Navigate Sleep for All Ages

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7 Best Books to Help You Navigate Sleep for All Ages
As the rains descend making us all want to hug our pillows a little while longer, a good book will make it a picture-perfect day!
This week, we have an assortment of books here to help deepen your bond with your cherished slumber.
 Here are 7 books to help you sleep better for all ages: 

1. Why We Sleep
Matthew Walker
 If you are looking to understand sleep from a scientific perspective, this book is for you. With in-depth answers and understanding the importance of sleep, it’s a very practical book. Sleep phases, relative understanding of sleep evolution among animals, birds and man and sleep’s advantages with actionable tips for better sleep – the book is a complete guide to effective sleep.

2. When Brains Dream
Antonio Zadra
Dreams are like elusive nymphs and learning about them is like unravelling mysteries of the world! The book catches hold of emotions behind what dreams are, their origins, meaning and message and elucidate it the manner of a soothing story. A must read for anyone looking to find the reason behind their many dreams! 

3. The Sleeping Beauties
Suzanne O'Sullivan
If you have some time on your hands and you like a good ‘thriller, get yourself a copy of this neurological compendium of global psychogenic disorders. In Sweden, children sleep for months in almost a comatose state; in Cuba, people experience blinding headaches and memory loss, convinced that they are victims of a sonic weapon; mining activities in Kazakhstan lead to elder people suffering from a rare sleeping sickness. These real accounts of sleep disorders are investigated by a British neurologist and their remedies are discussed.  

4. Go The F**ck To Sleep
Adam Ansbach
For parents dealing with a child who refuses to sleep, get yourself this viral book asap! It is best explained as a ‘children’s book for adults’ frustrations that are not permissible to talk about’ for modern parents. 
Part children’s literature with cats, cows and the moon and part narrative of the author’s three year old who refuses to sleep, this is a refreshing take on the bedtime story book.

5. Peak Sleep Performance for Athletes
Shane A. Creado
Enjoy a runner’s high?
Pick this book up this weekend and get an insight into how sleep helps improve your performance as an athlete. There are several strategies to help you muster strength and stamina, which is not limited to athletes and can be used by everyone. It’s a poignant and performance enhancing good read. 

6. The Effortless Sleep Method: The Incredible New Cure for Insomnia and Chronic Sleep Problems
Sasha Stephens  
When sleep eludes you, an effective read is known to help. This book offers a practical and a fresh approach to help deal with various versions of insomnia. It’s a trilogy and the first book essentially offers categoric and specially designed tips to induce sleep for insomniacs. A short read with good tips in the end.

 7. The Sleep Workbook: Easy Strategies to Break the Anxiety-Insomnia Cycle
Renata Alexandre

After your bedtime skincare and haircare routines are over, grab this workbook to learn more about yourself and grow as you sleep! With self-assessments, journal prompts and self-, developed using scientific Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). This workbook has an 80% success rate in helping people improve their sleep quality and increasing self-confidence. You literally come out stronger after going through this workbook!
We spend one third of our lives with our eyes shut. At The White Willow, we make sure that this essential time is spent in optimal comfort and rest. Wishing you a great monsoon season with our plethora of pillows for you to hold and have a cherished sleep alongside your reading sessions.

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