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6 Reasons Why Gifting a Pillow to Dad will Prove your True Love to Him

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6 Reasons Why Gifting a Pillow to Dad will Prove your True Love to Him

Sometimes words are not enough to show how much you care for your Dad. No! Dad doesn’t care about fresh flowers that will wither away in a few days or a new shirt that will remain lost in his closet. So, this Father’s Day get him the perfect pillow that he will use every single day and snooze into that much-needed stress-free sleep.

  1. Lockdown’s just got over. There is no way you can order in his favourite meal or book tickets for an upcoming Bollywood flick. Your dad will be perfectly happy spending Father’s Day watching a movie in bed. For once, let him have joy of uninterrupted remote control access for the whole day. Add to the joy by making it extra comfortable with a new pillow.

  2. Does your dad use pillows between his knees, under his back and fifty other places apart from resting his head on it? Does your mom get mad at him for using the whole house’s cushions and pillows to relieve aches and pains? Be smart and get him a flexible combo that has specially crafted pillows to care for ailments that come with age.

  3. The White Willow pillow is comes in different shapes, sizes and degree of softness. It’s so comfortable that your Dad will never want to leave his side of the bed. Your mom will never be more grateful to you.

  4. So your dad is choosy and fussy. He might not like the colour of the tie or the smell of the perfume that you get him as a Father’s Day gift. But, with The White Willow pillows you can just not go wrong. It’s the perfect gift that lends support and comfort in every position — whether he’s reading, watching TV, lazing around or snoozing. No matter how much he tosses and turns and where he places it to adjust to his needs – He will simply love it!

  5. At your father’s age comfort comes first. No fashion or style can replace the joy of sleeping uninterrupted through the night. Who knows he may actually even stop snoring!

  6. As slowly and steadily his sleep improves, his sleeping pattern will get better and he’ll wake up more energetic and happier. Obviously, he’ll be thinking of you everyday, thanking you internally (high possibility if you’re his son) or verbosely (high possibility if you’re his daughter) and this will guaranteed improve family ties in the long run.
So, don’t over think and keep it simple this Father’s Day. Invest in his happiness and comfort more than anything else! Choose from a wide range of super comfortable pillows and cushions from and let your Dad dream on

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