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5 Things You Never Thought You Could Do With an Old Pillow

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5 Things You Never Thought You Could Do With an Old Pillow

Pillows are essential for a comfortable sleep – that’s a fact. And, like everything good in life, pillows don’t last forever and will wear out over time. No wonder, there are several old pillows stocked up in almost every household, with lumps or marks or simply worn down with usage, and there isn’t much you can do about them – except discard them, or maybe turn creative and use them in some other way?

Well, in the age of sustainable fashion and DIY, we are all for repurposing old stuff into new and the same goes for our much loved pillows. So, if your old pillow has gone limp or stiff, here are some ideas to ‘stuff’ your pillow back to life in ways you haven’t imagined before.

5 Things You Never Thought You Could Do With an Old Pillow:

1. The Cleaning Rag

Well, this is the simplest suggestion on the list. Simply cut off the fabric from your pillow into medium-sized squares, which can be used for cleaning. The stuffing can always go into another pillow or fabric to make a cute stuff toy, a little decorative cushion or a small pillow for your pooch.

2. Compost It

Yes, if it is feather pillow that you are taking apart, the fabric can be used as a rag while all the feathers can go into your compost pit, where they are known to breakdown quite well. Let your pillow sprout some plants after having sprouted so many of your dreams!

3. Package Well

Always scared of breaking your precious crockery while shifting? Fear not; humble pillow will come to your rescue. Yes, you can also use your old and discarded pillows to protect precious items while packing or during storage, and prevent them from breaking and scratching.

4. Make a Floor Cushion

Floor cushions look quite chic and are really comfy. Why not take all the stuffing from your old pillow and use it to create a gorgeous floor cushion? You can buy some inexpensive fabric or go creative with old pillow covers to create an attractive piece for your living room or bedroom. Here’s an in-depth YouTube tutorial on making a floor cushion from scratch.

5. Make a Pet Bed

Just because your beloved furry deserves a comfy place to sit doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a pet bed. Get those creative juices flowing and transform your old, unused pillows into a grand bed for your pooch in just a few simple steps outlined in this tutorial.


When is the right time to change your pillow?

Now that you know what to do with your old pillows, we thought it might be worth mentioning the right time to change your pillow!

Obviously, if your pillow is worn, torn-out, sagging, or lumpy – it is the right time to replace it. However, if you think you are not getting proper sleep at night or wake up tired and irritated, with stiffness or pain in your neck, shoulders and back – it could be an indication to change your pillow, as your current pillow may not be suited to your sleeping posture. For example, if you suffer from neck pain or cervical spondylosis, switching to a specially designed cervical pillow will offer immediate relief by aligning your neck and spine properly and minimising any unnecessary pressure.

Remember, good sleep is the secret to good health and switching to the right pillow can make all the difference in your general well-being and productivity at work.

Sweet dreams! zzz

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