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Value for money

This is a very comfortable pillow with just the right thickness to support the neck. It hold its shape well and I would definitely recommend this to get a good night’s sleep.

Just right softness

You will find it very useful on the car seat.

Cool Relief

My neck pain is gone now and it feels cool too. Though I wish it was slightly thicker!

Nice Pillow

It is great pillow. I use it mainly for leaning against the headrest of the bed.

I have a small suggestion. I bought the 7 inch one thinking that it is the one in pictures. But I was wrong. It would be helpful to indicate which size is used in the pictures to help us in buying. Also, give a pictorial comparison of the 3 sizes available.

Otherwise, it offers great support and it is really comfortable.

Half Body Pillow

The pillow is great for the kind of support i wanted. But the drawback is the cover, initially with the pillow i got a grey color cover which started to stink in 10 days, i washed it and the stink if the cloth just wont go so I complained to the customer care , they said we will send a new cover, they forgot to do so and so after 20 days i called back and then they again agreed to send a bamboo cloth cover, past 25 days that i am using the cover, the review is that if you have a beard then the beard gets entangled and pulls out hair like strands from the covers cloth, its like white hair of rayon or bamboo, so may be its ok for women but for men who even do a clean shave it will slowly due to the rough beard pull out these strands. Its a weird thing to happen but it’s happening.

Great for neck pain

Bought this a while back for a family member, who had been suffering from cervical spondylosis for a while and not relieved with normal memory foam pillows. It was a wonder product for him, with significant reduction in pain and radiculopathy. Would definitely recommend the product for someone with such issues. The size guide is great help for ordering. Delivery is prompt and the provided bag helps make it travel friendly.

Yesterday only I received product. But I choose bigger size it is not fit for my body can you able to replace product for my size?

best back rest pillow

i have tried a lot of backrest pillow this is the best

Functional comfort provider

The pillow quality is good, neck support could have been better

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Best website

Love it

Its made a big difference to my neck comfort. Cant sleep on any thick pillows now.

Feels like sitting on Heaven's!!!

Feels like sitting on Heaven's!!!
Perfect support for WFH

Great pillow

Overall, a great pillow.
The height could have been a tad higher and also a bit firmer, but it's still comfortable.

More comfortable now with the pillow

best pillow

excellent material and best in class as per ergonomics

Excellent Product

My neck is bent by 2" after being affected with spondylitis in 1995 found it difficult to rest my head. I did use tynor product but it did not help. I recently came accross white willow and from the range of products identified the product most suitable. It has brought much relief but while lying flat on my back I am still not able to rest my knees on the bed. Yet the white willow pillow does help me.

Wedge pillow

Quality of the pillow is very good. Very useful if you sit for long and can be used in multiple places like bed, sofa or even if you have to sit comfortably on the floor by resting your back on the wall!

Excellent Product

The pillow does exactly meets the needs for cervical spondylitis patient suffering from neck pain.
It does give the patient the needed rest and sleep
Considering the cost of the mould and dye, it cannot be tailor made, especially for me.
Effective solution provider and the range at White Willow is quite vast suiting to each damage area in the body.
An extra pillow cover can be provided by the company at 50% of the cost of the pillow cover thus the cover can be washed
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend white Willow
The stress level of the call centre executives and software executives and WFH executives and two wheeler riders and long distance driver's especially the traffic jams and logistics driver's can definitely benifit using it at home and in the vehicles and home and office and including long distance flights and train rides.
Don't wait until age 60+ begin using it at age 35 + onwards.

Photo please

Agree the the other review. Photo like your other pillow. Unique idea.

Place a picture that shows where to place and how to use it.

I was curious to know what the hole is for, and how it is to be placed with respect to the head. Without this information, your pillow will not sell.

Good quality

The pillow is very good ; but my Physio said this is not for me ; due to my spondylitis I need a firm pillow
Please be guided by ur therapist

Comfortable pillow

Very good pillow to be used post surgery for better elevation, support and comfort.

Good buy..👍

Chair Seat Cushion - Firm - Beige




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