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Based on 1055 reviews
Well designed and comfortable

The ultra slim pillow is very well designed to ensure that you don't wake up with a stiff neck after sleeping. Highly recommended.

Pillow is good - Transportation is not

Pillow is extremely comfortable and can be used in multiple angles. I liked the usage. It's very good.

Transportation was very bad. It took 15 days to get it. Every time I asked, the reply was that the tracking information will soon be updated. Tracking information took 12 days to update and after that another 3 days for this to reach me. Customer service wasn't particularly helpful.

Very useful Wedge pillow

We have been using this wedge for almost two years now. I bought when my wife was pregnant. The pillow helped her during later stages of her pregnancy, after her delivery and it is now being used by my daugher when we need back rest to feed her.
My only complain with this product is the cover. The black cover (velvet) is good and is slip resistant whereas the dotted cover is very very slippery.
Second is the zip of the cover. Its is so inconveniently placed, ends half way and removing the cover every time worries me that it might be its last and cover will rip anytime.
White willow should look onto its design.

Super comfort

This neck rest is sleek, supports the cervical area precisely. This neckrest is not overly bulky that other neck pillows throw the neck forward, with this product, the head remains behind - the way it should be.

Sleek and functional.

Checking Authenticity

Leaving a comment to check if the other positive reviews are genuine or paid.

Comfort and Value for money

This product is very comfortable, its size if just right as it does not occupy a lot of space on the bed too while supporting the bump. it is multifunctional due to its shape and size, as I also use it support my lower back and head too at times while sitting. The cushion is soft to not bother while sleeping but firm enough to not lose its shape as well. Highly recommend.


It has been a boon for my mom who had lung infection, the elevation helped and firmness and size were perfect for her. Thank you so much God bless!


I have purchased it for tailbone pain and it was effective the day I started using it. Wonderful. Took a little time to get used to the stiffness though. But over a period of time the hardness has reduced and it’s very comfortable. I use it in my car and it has relieved me of my pain wherever I go or sit now. Really a good product


Good quality product and good service

Quality product , but not useful

Product quality is good. But neither good to use while sitting in bed not while sleeping. If the slop is reduced it will be more convenient

Great Comfort for small and light heads

I have used the medium firm pillow and soft pillow both. For me this "Acacia" soft model was really suitable as my head is not that huge or heavy, so the softness lets my head sit right in the middle of the pillow and support my neck very well. It is well made and the foam resurfaces to its original shape in mere seconds. Only thing I wish is that for being a soft pillow, it should be a little teensy bit more soft then ti would have been the best, or at least release a very soft model for people who want to really get inside the pillows fluffyness. Also I would like if a longer shape is being made in future for a hugging pillow. 4 star for pillow- 1 star less because it isnt as soft as I wanted, but ultimately 5 star because I previously ordered a medium firm one and I didnt like it so this website whitewillow where I purchased my pillow from replaced it with no question asked and no extra charge since both pillow was same priced. and i really like that service hence 5 stars overall.

Great product

I got a 7 inch pillow and it's great. It can be taken under the head, under your legs or just as back support. It works well in any position. The service by white Willow is good and I had no problems exchanging the pillow or adjusting the refund at any point. Would recommend to everyone.

Good product

My headache and snoring issue reduced to almost 90%
Initially you feel discomfort, but once you are used to it... amazing pillow!

Centaur - High Resilience Foam Indoor Chair Seat Cushion - Firm
Parvati Bhat
Worth it

Loved it,I use it for my work chair and it is very comfortable.The best
Thank you

Grey Oak - Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Butterfly - Medium Firm
kishore reddy Sirigireddy
Good support for the neck


Needed Product

The knee pillow is extremely useful. It must used by all. We are never concious of the extent of weight when we sleep sideways with our knees and feet one over the other. We wake up heavy footed in the morning. Having the knee pillow in daily use does make difference to our sleep patterns. Handicapped or not just have the pillow with you. Including the other products.

Dana - High Resilience Foam - Cube Pillow - Firm

Excellent product. Very elegant. Happy customer.

Evron - Memory Foam Lumbar Backrest Pillow - Lower Back Support - Medium Firm
V Chowgule

All this company s products are exceptional. World class ergonomic pillows of all sorts. My home and office and car are full of White Willow and my life is a whole lot more comfortable because of it.

Comfortable and flexible

Extremely useful for a used like me who prefers to read on bed. The versatility of the product ensures its multipurpose use. A real comfort at the end of a long and tiring day. Yet to get an idea of its durability and ease of cleaning.

Neck Issues

I have previously bought pillows from Willow (wedge pillow). But the one I bought now I wasn't satisfied. It is very hard and it gives me a headache. I would be happy to exchange it.

Sound sleep, ensured

I’m very happy with the 3 layer ELM, I’d been facing issues with the pillow density on an everyday basis, but with this adjustable pillow I can modify the thickness as per my preferences on an everyday basis. Love it!

Good product.Really useful.

Really good product, excellent relief of perianal discomfort.
Firm consistency gives excellent symptom relief

Good quality. However, not firm enough.

Good quality. However, not firm enough.



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