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Neck & Back Pain Relief Cooling Gel Orthopaedic Contour Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Welcome to The White Willow

“What ‘s inside, matters more than what is seen outside. “ ….

Ever wondered, what kind of material, top brands use in their sleep products like- bed pillows, Mattresses and Cushions to create the right kind of comfort and support. Why even the †op quality, upmarket expensive brands fail to provide satisfaction to their customers ?

After extensive research and study, we found that, the foam or a material used inside a mattress, a pillow or a cushion decides the lifeline and quality that a customer will enjoy or experience. Various Manufacturers in India, sometimes add fillers to make their foams cheap and lightweight. A pillow or a mattress made with filled- foam, will not last longer, Infact they will sag or wear down in a matter of months. As smart and aware consumers, we must only buy foam products –which are developed in 100% filler-free as they be long-lasting, durable and also environment friendly towards our consumer’s health.

With this vision, and to promote the awareness of using superior quality, filler-free foam products, The White Willow, started its journey as an online Brand in India. Within only a few months of its conception, we got some excellent responses and feedback from our customers in Online market places, as well in cities.. Some of our customers quoted that they never knew, a mattress could feel this comfortable and perfect for them, or making the best decision of buying ‘wonder’ cushions, which on its use, showed the true magic of memory foam or a pillow could be this soft, and comfortable that will help reduce aches and any kind of body discomfort.

The White Willow believes in innovation, in providing dependable sleep solutions and also in creating a change- where a consumer has a right to ask and to know what is really inside their product.



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