The White Willow Urban Big Lumbar Memory foam Backrest/Back Support Comfort Cushion Multipurpose car seat and Office chair cushion for sitting comfort to provide relief from back & neck pain, Black Green

The White Willow

Product Description:

Instant Back Pain Relief For Office Chair & Car Seat - Orthopedic Memory Foam Back Cushion For Improved Posture.

An interesting research shows that an average office worker sits for nearly 10 hours every day. Prolonged sitting can be bad news for the spine as one can feel persistent stiffness in lower back or sharp pain in the neck.

Prolonged Back pain is caused due to :• Excessive sitting in wrong posture
• Smoking
• Obesity
• Sudden Impact or jerk on back or neck during injury or accidents and even with advancing age.
If ignored, back pain can become a serious issue leading to early Osteoarthritis, hunchback and even chronic ailments in the long run.

The White Willow, through extensive research and study, has now developed The White Willow Urban Voyager Big Lumbar Backrest Memory foam Support Cushion, which serves as an excellent support for the back.
How you ask? The Backrest has been-
• Orthopedically designed for sitting comfort
• Made with Responsive Viscoelastic Memory foam
• Lightweight, adaptable and easy to use.
Say Goodbye to back aches and neck pains, by bringing comfort and proper support for you and your loved ones. Let us look at some interesting features:

Special Features:

• Adaptable Ergonomic design of the Urban Voyager Backrest Cushion:
The Adaptable ergonomic design conforms to most spines and promotes relaxation. The Backrest cushion can be placed anywhere along the back of the chair and fits with anyone thus encourages the user to sit straighter rather hunch over the desk while working.

• Responsive High Density Viscoelastic Memory foam comfort provides excellent Support to the Back and Lumbar area: If you spend ample time driving and seating, then this Orthopedic Memory foam Backrest is the best investment for you. Perfect for Upper, Middle, Lower back pains and especially relief from lumbar pains. Memory foam moulds easily and takes the exact contour of your spine alleviating pressure, thus providing instant back pain relief and comfort.

• Multi-use Backrest Cushion with wide range of applications: Well-suited for most office chairs, car seats, home sofas, or even while travelling during long flights, car travels, train journeys etc. Ideal for all and has been helpful for providing support to expectant mothers.

• Removable Outer Cover in Multi design, with Black on Green with a zip and an adjustable strap: Along with the magic of Memory foam comfort, the backrest has also been designed with a Breathable Mesh removable outer cover with a zip, thus making these backrests extra comfortable and easy on the skin.
  • Do not hand wash, or use machine, only Spot clean by hand with warm water and mild detergent. 
  • For removing stains or odour, sprinkle baking powder on the pillows and dust them off, with a clean dry cloth.
Products are Delivered in 5-6 Working days.
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The White Willow Urban Big Lumbar Memory foam Backrest/Back Support Co | The White Willow ... The White Willow Urban Big Lumbar Memory foam Backrest/Back Support Co | The White Willow ...