The White Willow Lumbar Spine Support Memory foam Backrest/Back Support Comfort Cushion. Works as a Multipurpose car seat and Office chair cushion for sitting, reading comfort to provide relief from back & neck pain

The White Willow

Instant Back Pain Relief For Office Chair & Car Seat - Orthopedic Spinal Support Memory Foam Back Cushion For Improved Posture.

Special Features:
Designed to Support and simulate the Natural Curve of the Spine thus being a perfect fit for all.
The special arch like contour elevation on the backrest fits well with the S shape of the spine, thus bringing more comfort and support to the individual while sitting in office or driving for longer hours. The Backrest cushion can be placed anywhere along the back of the chair and fits with anyone thus encourages the user to sit straighter rather hunch over the desk while working.
Responsive High Density Viscoelastic Memory foam comfort perfectly moulds to the body contours and provides excellent Support to the Back and Lumbar area:Unlike a regular chair pillow or a seat cushion, The White Willow Lumbar Spine Support backrest is developed with innovative and adaptable Viscoelastic Memory foam material which provides full back support to women and men and helps relieve lower, middle and upper back pains or stiffness. Moreover, the Memory foam moulds easily and takes the exact contour of your spine alleviating pressure, thus providing instant back pain relief and comfort.
Multi-Functional, multi-use Lumbar Spine Support Backrest Cushion with wide range of applications: Well-suited for most office chairs, car seats, home sofas, or even while travelling during long flights, car travels, train journeys etc. Ideal for all and has been helpful for providing support to people with special needs or using in wheelchairs as well as for expectant mothers.
Removable Outer Cover in Purple multi design with a zip and an adjustable strap: Along with the magic of Memory foam comfort, the backrest has also been designed with a special removable outer cover with a zip, thus making these backrests extra comfortable and easy on the skin.
  • Do not hand wash, or use machine, only Spot clean by hand with warm water and mild detergent. 
  • For removing stains or odour, sprinkle baking powder on the pillows and dust them off, with a clean dry cloth.
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The White Willow Lumbar Spine Support Memory foam Backrest/Back Suppor | The White Willow ... The White Willow Lumbar Spine Support Memory foam Backrest/Back Suppor | The White Willow ...