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The White Willow Vintage Blue Memory Foam  4 Pieces Euro-Large Pillow  - 20" X 30", Blue - The White Willow - 1

The White Willow Pillow Set Of 4 Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large King Big Size Neck Pain Relief Back Support Bed Pillow For Sleeping Off White With Removable Pillow Case (27"L x 17.5"W x 5"H)- Blue

Rs. 14,796.00 Rs. 8,108.00

Ideal for all who prefer European-sized or bulky pillows for sleeping

Nothing compares to the comfort and feel of a quality Memory Foam bed pillow. This unique Super King-size Pillow offers several features:
• Original Viscoelastic Memory foam material cradles your curves, and offers just the right amount of gentle support and firmness.
• The Pillow Core is constructed so as to relieve tired pressure points.
• Reduces Tossing and turning and retains the shape of the pillow for years
• Fits well with strong heads and assure proper spinal alignment
• Measures 17.5 inches wide x 27 inches long x 5 inches high.
• Woven in premium knitted inner cover in white.

Key Points for Memory foam Pillows:
• Comes Tightly packed and rolled, the pillow will come back to its original shape, when its unpacked. Being sealed in plastic packaging sometimes traps odors. After unwrapping, allow product to air for a few hours.
• Memory Foam pads may contain air bubbles, or pockets, which may seem as if foam has holes but they do not affect quality in any way.
Different from Polyfill / Microfiber/ Cotton- filled pillows
Unlike Polyfill, or cotton based filling, this pillow will never sag, clump or require shaking. The shape of these pillows stays intact, no matter how much we roll or twist them. They are free from dust mites, allergens or other irritants that can be found in other pillows.