Why we love The White Willow Contour Cervical Sleeping Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow news

Why we love The White Willow Contour Cervical Sleeping Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow

The White Willow has been constantly striving to provide a unique range of luxury home products which are developed in elegant hues of white, made with temperature sensitive Memory foam that brings comfort, support and also relief from aches, pains and other bodily discomfort.
The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow has topped the charts and with a remarkable response from its customers has helped many who have suffered from Cervical Spondylitis, Slip Disc, pinched nerves and other back or neck problems.

Why we love The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow- Best Seller of the Month.

Go for It ! Quality of pillow is very good. It is very soft and comfortable. I am writing the review of this pillow after 6 months of usage. Good product for neck discomfort problems. ---Shared by one of our customers

The sensitive muscles in our neck are overworked and stressed in today’s day and age, with-

  • Long hectic Travel Journeys
  • Stressful constant sitting on desk
  • Sleeping in wrong position

becomes a common cause for neck sprains, muscle pulls or even cervical issues beginning from younger age to adulthood.
Who doesn’t want to feel refreshed and rested after a goodnight sleep, but traditional polyfill pillows, fail to offer the comfort we seek.


The most comfortable pillow. My husband has a cervical issue...and..
The most comfortable pillow. My husband has a cervical issue and this made him feel so relieved. Highly recommend it. You feel like your floating! It's phenomenal!---Shared by one of our customers

The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow made with High Density resilient Memory foam moulds to the shape of the neck, and provide comfort like being in air. The neck feels rested, and relaxed as the position of the head is properly aligned. We can also use them for underneath the knees, as a support pillow for leg elevation.

Good Posture enables good health and our pillows helps in doing just that.

    Increased comfort during sleep:
    The White Willow Memory foam Contour Pillow helps us find a comfortable sleeping position, which can be challenge for many who suffer from Chronic Neck Pain. They help relive muscle tension and support the neck. Ideal for side sleepers, the memory foam in these pillows conform to the shape of the body thus giving everlasting comfort.

    Reduces pressure on Joints: If you experience chronic neck pain, especially after sleeping or traveling, a contour neck pillow provides a safe and affordable alternative to other treatments. The Pressure on the joints is one of the major causes of soreness and stiffness upon waking. The joints join the bones together, making it possible to move around. When they are stiff or sore, you may have a hard time getting out of bed or starting your day. Pressure on the joints is also an issue for people who have long commutes and those who spend a lot of time on airplanes. Contour pillows cushion the joints, reducing the likelihood of soreness and stiffness.


    Ensures Proper Spinal Alignment and works well with all sleeping positions:

        Proper body alignment is essential for warding off muscle pain and relieving muscle tension headaches. Without a contour pillow, you may sleep at an odd angle that creates pain or makes existing pain worse. Placing a contour pillow under the neck can help you maintain proper alignment while sleeping or while traveling. Moreover, with the Contour Pillow, you can now sleep peacefully in any position, as it helps in better comfort and support.

        Moulds easily to the shape of the body, neck, head , back and shoulders which brings maximum comfort and relaxation to its users.

        Good Product !!- Nice pillow, I underwent neck surgery recently and this pillow gives me the perfect height for my spine alignment, I am a side sleeper and 4 inch height of this pillow gives me the perfect sleep...

        ---Shared by one of our customers)

         Very soft and comfortable. But noticed little odour while in use. -- Shared by one of our customers.

         Some Things to Note:

        * The White Willow Contour Memory foam Pillow can take a little time to get adjusted with some users, especially those who are quite used to using traditional cotton based pillows.It takes atleast 7 days for the pillow to break in and get adjusted with.

        * Sometimes it can emit an strange odour like smell, which is caused due to off-gassing, common occurrence with Memory foam pillows, which can be easily removed by keeping outside or airing it out.

        * Rolling or compressing the pillows does not affect the quality of the foam or the pillow.

        I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my my neck when I purchased this. The pillow gives good support to the neck, although some people may find it slightly high. Sleeping with this pillow takes a little getting used to. You may find it a bit hard also initially. But after a week or so, it settles into your head/neck shape. Also, the pillow smells for the first few days. The chemical smell is quite noticeable. I aired the pillow for 2-3 days outside in the sun, before I could use it. It's perfectly fine now. No smell at all.

        All in all, I'm happy with this purchase.


        --- Shared by one of our customers..

          Bring Home luxury and indulge in comfort with The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Sleeping Memory foam Pillow. You can place an order on our website and learn more from our team about its amazing benefits.

              With The White Willow.... Step into the world of Contour Comfort....

              We wish you Happy Healthy living....


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