The White Willow Urban Voyager Small Contour Travel Neck Pillow- Tried and Tested news

The White Willow Urban Voyager Small Contour Travel Neck Pillow- Tried and Tested

Memory foam fascinates me in many ways, People ask me does it really help ? As I have begun to experience this amazing material, Yes, I can vouch for it - It does bring you a comfort and support which our traditional fill pillows wouldn't bring.


I have been experiencing a muscular spasm since a day or so and my lower neck and upper back has been in discomfort. On a rainy Saturday morning, I tried the The White Willow Small Contour Travel Neck Pillow. When I saw it, I felt at first, the size might be small and wondered if this would really work for people. Initially, I had a little time understanding how would I place it on my bed which has a very low headrest. I placed my head and let it adjust. Once, the neck or head is pressed on the pillow, what memory foam does, is that it takes the exact shape, and moulds to the neck, shoulder and upper back.


As my neck began to rest nicely on the pillow, I felt a heatwave, and the relief of my spasm started getting better. The special, circular knitted fabric in White and Blue, makes it extra soft and easy on the neck. Since this pillow is small, we cannot however use it for the entire back - only uptil the upper or the middle to an extent, but yes, it works pretty well for resting your neck, or head. Take the comfort of The White Willow Small Contour Travel Pillow and let it bring you happiness, relief from neck aches and pains as you discover of magic of our White Willow Memory foam. comfort.

Special Features:

  • Easy to carry, portable with an adaptable design.
  • The responsive memory foam pillow offers a compact and portable way to get the comfort and support necessary for sound sleep during hectic travel.
  • The contour shape is designed to keep the head and neck in proper alignment, to reduce tossing and turning.
  • Made from 100% imported raw materials from BASF.
  • Outer Cover: Circular Knitted Viscose Polyester Fabric in Polka Dot Design in Blue or in White.


    With the White Willow, comfort is just one click away.

    Happy Healthy Living....



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