Memory foam Speciality Support Pillows- Some pillows are not just for sleeping ! news

Memory foam Speciality Support Pillows- Some pillows are not just for sleeping !



      Apart from the traditional and contour design, another category of Memory foam pillows, is becoming popular and widely used as an accessory- like Travel Neck Pillow, Car seat dog bone shaped pillows, Backrest Pillow, Half-moon/Multi-use pillow and more.

              These pillows are made in Visco-elastic Memory foam which can be used for attaining maximum support and comfort as they take the shape of the user's body, neck, shoulders and  back. 

      These pillows are made in various shapes, and their special adaptable designs promise optimum support and comfort to children, adults, women and all age groups.

      The White Willow offers a wide range of unique Memory foam Speciality Support Pillows that will bring comfort and support to your family and loved ones when you are away from home, travelling in a car, train or a plane, or sitting on your favorite chair, or sofa or simply relaxing on bed.

      Few of White Willow's special developments in speciality pillows are as follows:-

      Memory foam Pregnancy Pillows:

      For providing proper comfort and support, we have also now designed special pregnancy pillows or maternity pillows which help would-be mothers, to feel comfortable while resting or sleeping from their second trimester.



      Our  White Willow J shaped special Pregnancy pillow conforms to the shape of the body and helps in achieving good sleep and rest. It will make mothers or would be mothers, comfortable and well rested.

      Memory foam Wedge Pillows:

      Unlike traditional pillows, Wedge pillows are often used for relaxing as opposed to sleeping. These pillows are designed to allow people sit up and read, work, or lounge in bed. Wedge pillows are firm memory foam pillows that can also be used for leg support. The Wedges Pillows are currently under development at The White Willow.

      Enjoy the comfort of The White Willow Speciality Support Pillows and make your lives comfortable even when you are away from home. 


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