Finding the right pillow according to your sleeping position.... news

Finding the right pillow according to your sleeping position....

Individuals have different preferences in sleep, sleeping positions, pillows and comfort levels. No two people sleep alike, and today care is taken by manufacturers and sellers to provide the best possible pillow or the right pillow, which will be the best match to a consumer’s sleeping position.
To know your sleep style, observe the position you sleep, in which you are most comfortable. Watch how fast one falls asleep and in which position are they mostly wake up to.

Here are a few tips, which can be useful in finding a suitable pillow that matches well with your sleeping position.

 For Back Sleepers:

      • People who sleep mostly on their backs, can try and use flatter or thin pillows to achieve maximum comfort, as fluffy and low- height pillow will provide more support to the head and neck and reduce sleep discomfort.
        • Back sleepers have sensitive backs and are susceptible to back pain, as maximum pressure is placed on the back. Thus we need a pillow, which will support the natural curvature of our upper spine, and provide support under your head, neck and shoulders.
        • Thin or medium height pillows are an ideal choice, as they provide – medium support to the sleepers.
        • Sleep experts usually recommend adding an additional pillow underneath your knees when you sleep on your back to further help align your spine.
          For Side Sleepers:
          • The reason being, that since they sleep on a particular side, they require a good pillow which can fill the gaps between the head and bed so as to reduce the pressure and stress on the neck and shoulder.
          • For side sleepers, a pillow with a medium density feel would help in keeping your spine maintain a straight and a horizontal line.
          • The ideal pillow for side sleeper would be a medium to a high one and sleeping with a pillow between the knees would also help in keeping the spine in alignment.

             For Stomach Sleepers:

              • For stomach sleepers, we may not even require a pillow for the head, but tucking one under the stomach helps avoid lower back pain.
              • A very thin, almost flat pillow, which is soft, will be an ideal choice.
              • People who sleep on their stomach require ample support in a pillow- a soft, fluffy pillow that holds the head at a natural angle will help in ensuring a comfortable sleep.
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